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Born and raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. In 2005, John was VP of The Selmor Group, LLC. This company specialized in generating repeat and referral business primarily in the private Automotive sector.Mr. Moran’s contributing role was in B2B sales and training & implementation of industry best practices for small to medium communication centers which provide the main service to his clients. In 2008, After great success with The Selmor Group, John became VP of Selmor On Demand, INC. Selmor On Demand, was a next generation automotive sales & consulting company utilizing E-Mail Marketing, Direct Mail Events, PURL’s, Staffed Events and saturation marketing. A few of Mr. Moran’s clients included Ford, BMW, Kia, Mercedes-Benz and MINI.The contributing factor to this success, came from the continued growth and development of hundreds of scripts utilizing key words and phrases that motivate consumers to take action to generate appointments and commitments. In 2012, Mr. Moran created his own company which developed a mobile interactive video Platform. This new and exiting application provides an interactive mobile video marketing tool that communicated relevant and personalized videos from small to medium business owners directly to their customers mobile phone.The TYV Group App not only helped to generate new, repeat and referral business for their clients, but also helped solve the miscommunication that arise in many sales transactions. As Managing Member, Mr. Moran brings great talents in IP development, user interface and client relations

New trend shows how Montessori Schools have been growing enrollment with Facebook Marketing

Millions of Advertisers every day flock to Facebook, trying to hock their new pore cleanser, fidget spinner, or push their next new fake eyelash set on to their old high […]

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How your competition steals your clients, before you even talk to them…

With so much competition in the current marketplace, it’s paramount that you become and remain the “Thought Leader” in your industry through written content. Not only that, continued content creation […]

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This is the #1 client request of all Medical Device Manufacturers

According to a recent study, the number one request physicians have for medical device manufacturers and distributors is that they provide more information on the devices they sell.

More specifically, medical […]

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Google Trends: A Second Chance to Be the Cool Kid

Man, don’t you wish there was a way to figure out what people wanted?

No, really.

Imagine: Reading the minds of the audience you’re trying to sell to; uncovering what matters to […]

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Klaviyo? Why-iyo, I’m glad you asked-iyo . . .

When it comes to automated marketing, there are many great options out there and we’ve had success with more than one. Lately, we’re becoming increasingly impressed with relative newcomer, Klaviyo.

Expanding […]

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Say Goodbye to Facebook Custom Audiences

And say hello to Facebook’s Engaged Audience!

Facebook recently announced their new way to pixel and retarget people who engage with your Facebook Ads and business page called “Engagement on Facebook”

An […]

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Find Out How to Cut Your Marketing Budget by 99%

The Facebook pixel is probably the most powerful tool in a Digital Marketers toolbox. It is the absolute first step of launching any funnel with a social strategy. The Facebook […]

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One Small Link with a Big Impact!

As digital marketers, we create a TON of “Thank-You” pages. Sometimes we forget just how many “Thank-You” pages are involved, even when you are creating a simple, small digital sales […]

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Google Chrome Has a Better Memory Than You Do!

Have you ever had your Google Chrome browser remember a password that you can’t, and then not reveal it? You have probably been frustrated with this before, saying to yourself, […]

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Two Must-Have Videos for Your Ecommerce Website

“Do we need a video on our website?”It’s a question we frequently get asked here at Solutions 8. Often when we are enhancing certain aspects of our client’s websites we […]

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