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Josie Crecco is a Solutions 8 content creator living in rural Nebraska. She especially enjoys the array of disparate topics she gets to research with every new assignment and loves the feeling that comes with knowing she’s helped clients achieve a unique, smart, and captivating web presence.Although Josie’s been writing since she was able, she has seven years’ content writing/marketing experience and has a B.S. in English from Wayne State College. She’s also been certified by Digital Marketer HQ as both a “Content Marketing Specialist” and an “Email Marketing Specialist.”When she’s not pounding the keyboard, Josie is busy “momming” a couple of kids and several dogs, cats, goats, geese, chickens, etc.

Your Last Chance to Learn About Effective Email Promotions!!!

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The 4 Best Ways to Find Freelance Writers (and What You Should Do Instead)

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Building Your Brainy, Brawny Digital Marketing Strategy in Five Steps

What’s different about a Solutions 8 customized digital marketing approach? Well, besides the tremendous level of expertise, comprehensive know how and unrivaled client care, the major difference is we believe […]

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Like Ducks, Your Email Sales Promotions Should Be in a Row

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Can Bad Writers Make Great Blogs?

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Checker Plus for Gmail: Free, Fast, Simple Email (and Time) Management


Maybe you don’t feel like opening Gmail to check your inbox is a big deal, but if you’re doing it as often as I do (along with hitting “refresh”), you […]

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9 Ways to Maximize Your ICON17 Experience

So you’re going to ICON17!  If you’re like me, you’re excited almost to distraction. And while the excitement part is great (it would be weird if you weren’t), it’s the […]

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Read This Blog (And You’ll Get a Donut)

Chances are, you aren’t still reading this because you believe you’ll get a donut. But I had you wondering, right? I apologize for the bait and switch, but I did […]

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5 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Digital Marketing Yesterday

Outsourcing. Some business owners have no trouble delegating and others – well, the thought of it chafes a bit. And we understand completely. After all, you’re the reason your company […]

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Feeling out of Your Depth in the “Murky” Waters of Facebook Ads?

If you’re considering trying Facebook Ads, you may have heard the (largely true) hype that it reaches 58% of the adult U.S. population, that it’s cheaper than Google, that it […]

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