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About Stephen Hutson

Stephen is the newest member of the Solutions 8 team! He comes with 7 years of customer service experience and a strong creative background. Read more.

Be savvy, not sorry

Today’s world of digital marketing is swarming with software, tools, and services. And to be honest, it’s overwhelming. But a great tool can mean the difference between gaining a competitive […]

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5 Ways to Market like a Neuroscientist

In today’s society, the average person sees around 5000 marketing messages per day. That’s 208 every hour. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. In a world full of so much […]

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The Little Screen Recorder That Could

I recently stumbled across a little tool that accomplishes something extremely rare.

It does exactly one thing and it does it perfectly.

Meet Loom.

Loom is a screen recording extension that boasts a […]

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