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20 Reasons Why Shopify Is The Best eCommerce for 2017!

In the world of eCommerce, picking a platform to build your online business can be scary because it is semi-permanent. I say semi, because after you purchase your domain, set […]

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Why You Need Visme as Part of Your Content Creation Plan

Content may be king, but there are times when your infographics and presentations may leave you feeling like the court jester. Creating pieces that your audience will not only appreciate, […]

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Is it Time to AMP up Your Web Site?

On any given month, Google processes more than 100 billion requests for information – an extraordinary amount of data is being sought, stored and crawled each day. More than half […]

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7 Key Steps to Functional Design: Are You Using Your Website To Its Fullest?

We talk a lot here at Solutions 8 about the one very important question everyone must ask before designing (or redesigning) their website − what do you want your website […]

5 Absolutely Essential Elements of a Custom Website

There’s a lot more to a successful website than a pretty design.

Don’t get us wrong  ̶  we love pretty websites. But a custom website should do more than just look […]

Getting Started Part Two: Website Best Practices

Our last blog was a brilliant and poetic dissertation on the first steps to take when embarking on the grand sojourn that will be your digital marketing strategy…or something like […]

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