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New trend shows how Montessori Schools have been growing enrollment with Facebook Marketing

Millions of Advertisers every day flock to Facebook, trying to hock their new pore cleanser, fidget spinner, or push their next new fake eyelash set on to their old high […]

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Solutions 8 Facebook Pixel Helper: Eliminate Exasperation (Easily + Economically)

How does this grab you: for the modest price of just $100.00 (plus $10 per page and $5 per custom parameter), Facebook Pixel Helper will install those perplexing pixels so […]

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Businesses That Are Killing It on Instagram – And How You Can Too

Instagram is not just for selfies or foodie photos anymore; more and more brands are finding success on the social media platform—and yours could be one of them.

Nearly 70 million […]

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Medical Device Manufacturers- Don’t Try Social Media Without Reading This First

Sure, there are some risks that come with running campaigns on social media platforms. And this can be, even more risky if you are a medical device manufacturer.

The FDA does […]

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Say Goodbye to Facebook Custom Audiences

And say hello to Facebook’s Engaged Audience!

Facebook recently announced their new way to pixel and retarget people who engage with your Facebook Ads and business page called “Engagement on Facebook”

An […]

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Find Out How to Cut Your Marketing Budget by 99%

The Facebook pixel is probably the most powerful tool in a Digital Marketers toolbox. It is the absolute first step of launching any funnel with a social strategy. The Facebook […]

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5 Easy Steps to Managing Your Ad Account Using Facebook’s Business Manager

 Facebook’s Business Manager is a great way to manage your ad account (whether you have one or many) through a centralized control panel. Many companies that want to advertise on […]

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Facebooks Ads Conversion Tracking: Should I Use Standard Events or Custom Conversions?

Running Facebook Ads without utilizing some form of conversion tracking is a truly catastrophic error. Facebook’s ad management mechanism is built around the ability to dynamically conversion optimize your ads […]

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Facebook Ads: The Importance of Quality Advertising

Something is happening.
Facebook has been around for the internet’s version of forever, right? And yet, suddenly your inbox is cluttered with invitations to webinars on Facebook ads. You hear more […]

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A New Look at Facebook: What Optometrists Need to Know

If you’re looking to increase your customer satisfaction while reaching new prospects, look no further than Facebook. The site you’re most likely using personally brings businesses a tremendous potential for […]

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