You have to be alive online!

Today’s buyers make 66% of their purchase decision before they ever reach out to the vendor. (Forrester)

That statistic should be a little terrifying. The people you’re trying to sell to are two-thirds of the way to making a choice before you ever even know they exist. As scary as that may sound, there is an opportunity for you to blow away your competition if you’re willing to do the work.

B2B companies that blog only 1-2x/month generate 70% more leads than those who don’t blog. (Hubspot)

Even if you’re not concerned with where you rank organically (which would crush my soul to hear) you still want people who engage with you online to be left with the digital warm and fuzzies.

Imagine you’re searching for a new vendor for that “thing” you’ve been meaning to get done. A friend in the industry gives you a few references and you decide to check them out online.

Company A:

When you hit their website you find a blog that they update regularly with industry news and events, a portfolio of work that features a sample of the recent projects they’ve done for other Clients (complete with testimonials) and the ability to subscribe to their quarterly newsletter to receive updates on promotions and new products. The content on their website is informative and engaging (a lot like what you’re reading now) and they have made the answers to your questions readily available instead of the “contact us for more details” mantra that so many B2B vendors have dedicated their lives to.

Company B:

A small template website (probably built by someone’s nephew) that hasn’t been updated since it was launched in 1997. Their last blog post was in 2012 and the title is “sorry that we haven’t posted in so long”. The language is stuffy and vague and you have no other choice but to contact them directly for more information.

Two questions:

  1. Of the two, which one ends up getting your business?
  2. Now ask yourself this: of the two, which one are you?

It doesn’t have to be hard.

62% of companies outsource their content marketing. (Mashable)

Hire us to manage your content and updates. If you can give our team 30 to 60 minutes every month, we can keep your website looking like the freshly trimmed and manicured internet lawn every business dreams of. If your business is worth running then it’s worth telling people about. Some examples of topics we use for ongoing content updates:

  • Products or services you plan on offering
  • Your newest Client acquisition
  • A project you completed and want to showcase
  • New hires or promotions
  • Vendor successes or partner testimonials
  • Awards or recognition your organization has received
  • Industry news and updates

Website updates don’t have to happen daily.

Our content schedule can be daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly – whatever best suits your needs, budget and business model. Keeping a website “up to date” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re posting new content every minute of every day. The goal is to maintain your digital presence over time and give your prospects the opportunity to learn about your business.

So…now what? Let’s talk! If you’re willing to give us fifteen minutes of your time we can give you clarity and direction when it comes to websites and marketing.