From the first time I met with Kasim and John, I knew that I had found my personal “niche market” and I am so delighted to be a cog in the Solutions 8 wheel.  I was born and raised in Indiana, attended Indiana State University and Indiana University, and met and married the love of my life. Although I majored in English and Speech, I fell into accounting very early in my working years and it has become something I really enjoy. We moved to Arizona 20 years ago and my husband Doug and I owned our own small business and convinced our wonderful son, Shawn, to join us in our endeavor.

We recently sold the business, and I am grateful for the experience, but happy to have the opportunity to use my accounting experience with a new and very special team – go Solutions 8!  I love to cook and we enjoy hiking, attending our local star gazing club and reading.  Kasim’s book is next on my reading list.