If theyre going to give you a few minutes of their lives, make sure they wont want them back.

Whats a few minutes?

To a bored or confused potential customer trying to sit through an explainer video, its an eternity.

You want to provide clear, precise information about your product, but you dont want viewers to feel like theyre stuck in a classroom with Ben Stein. Nor do you want to leave them thinking that the music and animation were nice, but wondering if the the product data was somehow meant to be gathered allegorically.

At Solutions 8, we specialize in creating explainer videos that not only convey what makes your product extraordinary, but that strike the perfect balance between informative and stimulating.

A Resounding First Impression

Explainer videos are often your first and only chance to make a lasting impact on potential clients and the marketing pros at Solutions 8 will knock it out of the park for you with:

  • Clarity – Your Solutions 8 explainer video is guaranteed to provide clients with a strong basic understanding of how your product works and why its something they need.
  • Congruity Whether incorporating animation, graphics, spokespeople, voiceovers, etc., Solutions 8 will create content that will not only beautifully suit your product, but that will showcase your companys distinct personality.
  • CraftEvery member of the Solutions 8 team is here because they have these things in common: vision, ingenuity, resourcefulness and expertise. And everything they do, from design to content to development, is done with exceptional skill, dedication and attention to detail.
  • Concision If brevity is the soul of wit, its also the antidote to dullness, which is why most explainer videos last only 2-3 minutes. At Solutions 8, were the masters of keeping it simple without sacrificing sharpness.
  • CharismaYour product, like your company, is one-of-a-kind and worthy of much more than passing interest. Your Solutions 8 explainer video will brilliantly communicate what makes your product remarkable, what makes your brand unique and what makes knowing more about you a must.

Obviously, if you could will clients to call, email or live chat with your company, you would; and when it comes to creating high interest and a drive to act, Solutions 8 Explainer Videos are the next best thing. Weve got the tools, the talent and the expertise to give busy people a reason to listen and the incentive to make a move. Reach out today to turn glances into reactions!