Web Design: 3 Reasons Why Whitespace is the Cherry on Top, Phoenix, Arizona

Whitespace, also known as empty space or negative space, is a web design concept where unfilled space on the website is used to make the website look clean, organized, professional and easy to use. Web design is full of tips and tricks as to what content to use, how to use it, where to use it, etc., but something that is often overlooked (probably because it’s actually nothing), is whitespace. People often undervalue the power of using empty space strategically in order to make the most important features of your website stand out. Whether it is graphics, offers, or written content, your website’s information will be all the more impactful to your readers when topped with a hearty dollop of whitespace.

3 Reasons Why Your Web Design Needs Whitespace

  1. Makes your website easy to read (make the most of your viewers’ time): When your website isn’t jam-packed with an overload of information and images, there is more room to use larger fonts, wider spacing and clear distinctions between where paragraphs begin and end. Users will know what they’re reading is important if it isn’t buried under several paragraphs, and you can guarantee you’ll get your information across when your site is free of unnecessary clutter.
  2. Makes your website easy to use (your users aren’t looking for a scavenger hunt): When your users go to your website, they want to find what they need with as little searching as possible. Making use of empty space makes the website easy to navigate when your viewers don’t have to search through loads of content to find the key words they are looking for. Put your most important information on your homepage, and allow whitespace to make any links easy to find for your users to get what they need.
  3. Makes your website easy to love (looks like Plain Jane is taking the spotlight!): There is nothing sweeter than loading up a website that’s clean, pristine and professional. Your company will look elegant in the design’s clean and organized layout, yet your viewers will sense boldness in providing a to-the-point presentation of your company’s brand and it’s key information. And remember, white space doesn’t have to be white! It can be a content-free zone of any color, which holds the power to make the most of your website’s carefully placed information.

Who knew doing nothing could be so effective? To make your website as successful as it can be, use your empty space to highlight the key content and images on your website. Sweet success is yours when you make the most of your whitespace. Have further questions on how to create the most effective website? Download Solution 8’s Blue Print in Designing a Website!


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