Websites need love too!

As with everything, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in the digital marketing world. Especially for organizations that don’t have an in-house IT team, it’s important to have an ongoing website management package that ensures your web application is being properly monitored and maintained. Website management packages include:

Content Management System updates

If your website is built on an open source content management system (and it should be!) you’ll need to make sure that you’re updating the CMS as new versions and iterations are released. Equally important is making sure to include any security patches or updates that are made available are installed quickly since they are typically the response to a recent vulnerability found within your website.

One of the issues you’ll face when updating your content management system is ensuring that all of the tools, plugins, themes and add-ons that your website utilizes are compatible with the newest version of the CMS. Solutions 8 performs an impact analysis prior to updating to ensure we mitigate the risk of anything going wrong as well as in-depth testing after each update.

Server and website uptime monitoring

If your website goes down you typically won’t know about it until you get that awkward phone call from a prospect or Client that starts out something like: “Yeah, I tried to visit your website and…” In some cases your website could be down for days without you knowing and without anyone actively monitoring the uptime of both the website URL (independent of the server) and the server itself there’s very little you can do to mitigate this risk.

Malicious attack monitoring with hack insurance

There are two types of websites on the internet: sites that have been hacked and sites that will be hacked. Regardless of how well your website is built there are vulnerabilities present just in the fact that it’s publicly available online. The more interactive your website is and the more functionality it offers the more exposure you typically have. Take that coupled with the fact that the majority of malicious access occurrences happen due to user error or negligence (forgetting to log out, getting your email hacked, etc.) and it’s safe to say that it’s not safe at all. If they can hack the Department of Defense (and they did) they can hack you or me.

The important thing is to be prepared for the occurrence of a malicious attack, respond immediately should one take place and have a contingency plan ready. Through our malicious attack monitoring service we track any suspicious attempts at accessing your website and take immediate action to ensure those attempts aren’t successful. In the case of a hacker successfully accessing your site, our monitoring service includes hack insurance which means we’ll do everything necessary to bring your website back up online without you incurring any additional cost, regardless of the time or work involved. We also keep a backup copy of your source code on our internal server as a last resort should your application be completely lost during an attack.

Brand mentions and reputation management

Monitoring the web for online mentions of your brand’s name as well as the names of key members of your staff is an important step to take in maintaining a positive online reputation. Negative mentions and bad reviews are exponentially easier to deal with when you’re alerted to their existence immediately. It’s much more difficult to properly respond to a bad review months after it was left. Your side of the situation is no longer fresh in anyone’s mind and the customer has very little reason or impetus to engage with you further. However, if you’re able to catch these right away you can usually take steps to mitigate their impact and, in some cases, remove them completely through customer cooperation.

Maintenance: Ongoing changes and updates

Even if you have the ability to make changes and updates to your website you may not always have the time! Our maintenance package allows you to purchase hours at a discount from our normal hourly rate and makes our maintenance staff available to you in order to make any front-end website change you’d like made on an ongoing basis. This can include recurring maintenance items or one-off requests. We guarantee a 48 hour turnaround time from the moment your maintenance request is sent to the moment our team starts on it.

So…now what? Let’s talk! If you’re willing to give us fifteen minutes of your time we can give you clarity and direction when it comes to websites and marketing.