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If you’re like me and didn’t get to make it the SXSW Tech Conference this week, I feel your pain. I did make up for it though, by heading over to San Diego last weekend to attend Digital Marketer’s 3-day Traffic and Conversion Summit. Oh, the things I have up my sleeve now . . . I’m sure you’ll be hearing about them.

And for those of you who did get to go to SXSW (or are heading out for a festival this weekend), well, jealousy’s not a good look for me, so I’ll say nothing. (have fun!)



  1. 1000 lb. Sentence: Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” – Stewart Brand, author, tech visionary, TED speaker, etc.As a self-professed nerd, it’s been pretty effortless so far to embrace any and all new technology that comes my way. I’d like to think that’s not going to change as I get older, but I’ve been told by my more “tech-challenged” friends and colleagues that it can get tiring, as years pass, always having to learn to do things a new way.I guess I think of it like exercise, or putting in extra hours or anything else we do that will make everything run better because we took the time. Technology is here to smooth things out, not to punish. (Terminators excepted.)Of course, I understand getting worn out and I don’t always do what’s good for me, but then I remember how much I love driving those damn steamrollers.Speaking of new stuff you should learn to use, check out our blog on 5 fantastic web tools that will streamline your day and make you feel all savvy.
  1. Win of the Week: Our SEO is so on fleek (that’s how the kids say “extremely good”) that we’ve just got to share: one of our esteemed clients has been enjoying a 150% increase in organic traffic every month for the past four months!!!This could be due to the fact that, because of us, they now have a first-page ranking of over 50+ high-value keywords. Doesn’t that sound nice? Call me.
  1. Hot Tip: Ah, hashtags. Ignored by some, abused by others and often misunderstood, this formerly humble symbol now wields some major power, especially when it comes to social media marketing.Read all about it here: How to Use Hashtags: Grow Your Business Presence on Social Media
  1. Event I’d Kill to Attend: Content Marketing Conference
    Where: Boston, MA
    When: April 11-14, 2017
    Tickets: Click for pricing.Why: This conference is all about “winning the war on bad content,” but what interests me most is the comedy club marketing finale, where “content marketers and leading comedians gather to learn how comedy can grow business, build loyalty, and make beer shoot from your nose.”Top that off with 11 keynotes, 30 breakout sessions and 6 workshops with folks from Hubspot, WordStream, GoDaddy, Time Inc., Digital Marketer, etc. This event is going to be jam-packed with fresh, state-of-the-art content techniques and killer concepts.Early bird rates have flown, since CMC is coming right up, but I daresay it’ll be more than worth it at full price.
  1. 5-Minute Power Snack: If you’ve heard of exit-intent software, there’s a chance you may have a less-than-favorable view of it, especially if it conjures up images of those annoying pop-ups that ask redundant questions and keep you from leaving a page.We use exit-intent software and are here to assure you it’s not like that at all. Although there is a pop-up involved, it’s a smart, intuitive little box that has great manners and doesn’t block your exit. We explain here: What is Exit-Intent Software?
  1. Best-of-the-Week Outside Blog: This superb, 5-minute read about content dos and don’ts comes to us from Contently’s “The Content Strategist” website, and I especially enjoyed the sense of comfort I felt over the fact that we’ve never committed a marketing “don’t” like the ones introduced in the 2nd paragraph: The Content Marketing Brand Management Checklist
  1. One of the Good Ones: Like many of the nonprofits we support, this week’s phenomenal organization is based in Phoenix, but its life-saving impact is global. Since its founding in 2008, Pipeline Worldwide has drilled over 25 wells, providing clean drinking water to poverty and disease-stricken communities in Rwanda, Uganda and India.But not all their efforts are directed overseas: Pipeline has also donated tens of thousands of bottles of water to homeless people in Phoenix through their partnership with the Salvation Army.There are several great ways to get involved, including actually traveling to Africa with Pipeline, as well as becoming a corporate sponsor, sponsoring a trip, making a donation or attending an event. Check out their gallery for some great photos of past trips.
  1. The ThinkerIn all matters of opinion, our adversaries are insane.” – Oscar Wilde

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