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Today we’re covering digital marketing fundamentals, the power of superior content and a few influencer marketing no-nos, as well as taking time to pay tribute to one of our own. Drumroll, please:


1. 1000 lb. Sentence(s):“Digital marketing is the all-mighty gateway between electronic technology and marketing psychology. Knowing how to master and manage the information going out and into this gateway can be the difference between making or breaking your business.” –Cory Firth, digital marketing strategist, communications expert and blogger

Today’s opening quote might seem a bit basic to many of you, but you’d be surprised how many times I’m met with looks of confusion when I tell people (even people involved in business) what I do.

True, as professions go, this one did just kind of spring into existence within the last couple of decades, so I can understand some of the bewilderment. And I don’t mind explaining it over and over for a couple of reasons.

If I’m to be honest, the first reason should be apparent: we all know that getting the chance to talk about what we do with a potential client is an opportunity best not left squandered. The second reason is a bit more noble, but no less true: whether you’re going to be my client or not, you should know what digital marketing is.

As a field, it’s not going anywhere but upward and outward. As a means of helping your business succeed, it’s second only to having a great product (I’ve seen it trump even that, briefly).

Even people who have a decent general concept of what digital marketing is may still be a little fuzzy on the disciplines and methods employed by agencies like ours (I’m being pretty broad here since, really, there is no agency like ours), who provide a comprehensive range of services and products.

This blog should help: Tell It to Me Straight: What Is Digital Marketing?


2.Win of the Week: This week we’re featuring a home run we hit for a client who’s been going strong for over 25 years, but needed a revamp on a few of their web pages.

Long story short, we turned select pages into “power pages,” which are pieces of content specifically designed to boost SEO through increased traffic, link building and social sharing.

We implemented those pages roughly a month ago and the results are in:

As you can see, in the space of a month we were able to raise their percentages, often significantly, in several areas, including clicks, impressions, traffic sessions and new users. And take a look at those landing page percentages!!

Need a content boost? Call me.


3. Hot Tip: We haven’t been touching on email marketing much lately and, since it’s one of our strong suits, it’s about time we did. So just for you, we’ve written a bite-sized blog about four highly effective email promotions you can use to get people excited about your brand, segment them by interest and, best of all, get them to give you their money.

We even threw in some killer subject lines as a bonus. Check it out: Your Last Chance to Learn About Effective Email Promotions!!!


4. Event I’d Kill to Attend: Inbound

Where: Boston, MA

When: Sept. 25-28

Tickets: Click for pricing.

Presented By: Hubspot

Why: AMAZING SPEAKERS ALERT!!! We’re talking bestselling author, Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love); celebrity chef/author Mario Batali; bestselling author Adam Grant (Originals, Give and Take); Brit Marling, creator, co-writer, producer and star of Netflix’s hit series The OA; Issa Rae, co-creator and star of HBO’s critically acclaimed series Insecure; and more to be announced.

This lineup might seem a little eclectic for a marketing conference, but that’s the point, since Inbound invites “speakers from diverse disciplines and walks of life to inspire you and show you how macro trends are changing the future of marketing and sales.”

For those who like outside-the-box concepts, favor an oblique approach or are usually the first to figure out what comes next, Inbound’s 300+ innovational educational sessions and projected attendance of nearly 20,000 network-ready peers should make this conference a perfect fit.


5. The Rave: This is a new feature and it has nothing to do with dubstep and warehouses, but it’s still pretty exciting. Each week I intend to recognize, showcase and otherwise go on about one of our stellar employees, and week’s honoree was unanimously chosen by our team to kick things off.

Danish Ashrafi (a.k.a. The Wizard) is our lead Front End Web Developer and Graphic Designer. After years spent as a successful freelance website designer and developer for companies all over the world, he finally decided he wanted a place to call home and we were lucky he chose us.

Danish earned his nickname by being one of our most resourceful and ingenious team members, who’s always ready to use his ninja skills to go above and beyond, day or night. I think every one of us has had to bother Danish with an after-hours emergency and he comes through every time, with no complaint.

According to Danish, the best things about his job are the “endless learning opportunities and getting to watch the businesses we help grow and prosper.” In his limited spare time, Danish is finishing up his final year as a computer science major and spends his weekends riding and racing bicycles.


6.Best-of-the-Week Outside Blog: I’ve talked about the power of influencer marketing before and even covered how to find influencers, but I’ve not yet discoursed upon what to avoid when looking for influencers or how to ingratiate yourself once you find a good one. Instead I’ll let this great little blog, from Ragan’s PR Daily, do it for me:

4 stumbles that keep influencers from engaging with your brand


7. One of the Good Ones: We’ve all heard of UNICEF and most of us know they’ve been around a long time (since 1946, actually) and that they help kids all over the world. Now I’m going to provide some more amazing facts:

  • UNICEF helps immunize 45 percent of the world’s children.
  • UNICEF works in more than 190 countries and territories to save and protect children.
  • UNICEF’s lifesaving interventions have helped cut child deaths by more than 50% since 1990.
  • Despite progress, 16,000 children still die every day from causes we can prevent.

You can donate online, volunteer, provide organizational support, etc. UNICEF’s reach is far, but as you can see, there is still so much more to be done.


8. The Thinker: “We aim above the mark to hit the mark.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Later days,


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