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Glad you’re here! As always, I send out “8 that Rate” in hopes that it provides a few minutes of thought-provoking, useful fun on your Friday morning, so if there’s ever anything specific you’d like to see covered, all you have to do is ask.

Let’s get it started:

  1. 1000 lb. Sentence(s): “In the next three years it is predicted that global online commerce will double. Meaning that it is the BEST time to be in this game.”

Ezra Firestone – entrepreneur, public speaker, educator and digital marketing guru

Granted, this is a quote from 2016, but as someone who’s been “in the game” for over 10 years, it’s only ever gotten better.

And what Mr. Firestone says is true – there’s a boom going on right now, so those who are either thinking of broadening the scope of their company’s digital marketing or considering making a career of it would be well advised to jump in sooner than later.

  1. Win of the Week: As the 2017 Academy Awards came and went this week, I’ll bet you found yourself wondering if they ever give Oscar-type awards for awe-inspiring website designs. Well, you can relax – they do and they’re called the Awwwards.

Awwards is an international web design and development competition that recognizes excellence in design, creativity and innovation. Awwwards winners are the most ingenious and gifted web designers in the world.

And we’ve been accepted as official nominees for best website!!! One of our visually tantalizing, brilliantly composed websites is up for the prize and you can check it out here (and even vote, if you want to). Hopefully the band won’t cut us off during our acceptance speech . . .

  1. Hot Tip: Seriously, this one’s on fire. I had no idea how great it was or how many ways I could utilize it until I tried it. I’m talking about Loom, a nifty little Chrome extension that makes screen and video recording so effortless and fun that, no matter what business you’re in, you’ll soon be using it for all your company updates, initiative pitches, culture building, feedback, design walkthroughs, FAQ videos, real-time support, etc.

Remember, studies show that video communication increases both productivity and retention and Loom is one of the easiest ways I can think of to introduce video into your daily routine. Read all about it here.

  1. Event I’d Kill to Attend: Hero Conference

Where: Los Angeles, CA (Also London, England: Nov. 23-25, 2017)

When: April 18 – 20, 2017

Tickets: Click for pricing.

Presented By: Hanapin Marketing

Why: Because it’s only the WORLD’S LARGEST PAY-PER-CLICK EVENT. I really needn’t say more than that, but I shall.

There will be no less than 41 different breakout sessions designed to elucidate every PPC aspect imaginable, legion networking opportunities with other PPC fanatics and 60 of the “nerdiest PPC experts” all ready to dazzle, delight and enthrall. Yeah, this one’s going to be good.

BTW, no penalties for not knowing much about PPC or why it should be VERY important to you – just call or email and I’ll explain.

  1. 5-Minute Power Snack: Isn’t it time you learned how to generate excitatory postsynaptic events within the brains of your leads and customers? You know, by using digital marketing to stimulate the firing of enough neurotransmitters at postsynaptic cells to cause “action potential?”

OK, it’s not quite that complicated, but take a look at our blog, 5 Ways to Market Like a Neuroscientist, for some tips on how to get inside their heads.

  1. Best Outside Digital Marketing Blog: This blog is not only right-on-the-money, but is an easily-digestible, fun and necessary read for anyone who relies at all on social media marketing.

New York Times best-selling author and marketing consultant Jay Baer’s The Truth About How Often to Post in Social Media covers something we’ve known at Solutions 8 for quite some time: if you have crappy content, it makes no difference how frequently you post. Social media is the “ultimate meritocracy” and only the most interesting and informative survive. As Jay says, even “cash can’t save you.”

  1. One of the Good Ones: This week I’d like to talk about a truly unique organization that it’s been our pleasure to support, Arts InterFACE, which is a U.S.-based nonprofit

that “creates international arts projects in order to inspire love and empower individuals toward positive social change in the global community.”

I love everything about this cause, but what stands out for me is the sheer inventiveness and scope of their projects. From connecting the rest of the world with the traditional tribal music of indigenous South American communities to using music education to help vulnerable youth in locations all over the globe, this movement resonates with everyone at Solutions 8 (maybe because we’re all creative and we dig love).

Another cool thing about ArtsInterFACE is the number of ways you can get involved, whether you become a volunteer, intern, project sponsor, corporate sponsor or simply make a donation.

  1. The Thinker: “An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself.” – Charles Dickens

Catch me next week!


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