Archive of month: August 2020

Why You Should Link Google Analytics to Google Ads

As a business owner, there’s a good chance Google Ads and Google Analytics are two of your best friends. Both platforms are insanely valuable when it comes to digital marketing. Google Ads tracks clicks on ads, while Google Analytics provides insight on what happens after the click. Together, these platforms can shed light on what […]

San Francisco Salt Company/Epsoak

As the fastest-growing salt company in America, San Francisco Salt Company/Epsoak needed a Google Ads strategy that could keep pace with their rapidly expanding business—and an agency with the expertise to manage it. Partnering with Solutions 8 has allowed them to increase their marketing efficiency by utilizing ad spend more effectively.

Just When We Thought Our Team Couldn’t Get Any More Awesome, Solutions 8 Operations Specialist Eurice Echaves Joins the Ranks

Even amid a global pandemic, there are silver linings. Take Solutions 8 Operations Specialist Eurice Echaves, who definitely wouldn’t be the star of this blog if the recent health crisis hadn’t forced so many businesses to make tough decisions. When the company she’d been working for had to lay off employees because of COVID-19, Eurice […]