Five Essentials to an Incredible AdWords Ad

Google is arguably the biggest marketing giant on the planet. Think about it, companies all over the world fight for the top spot in a consumer’s Google search. It’s like high school all over again, except this time you want your business to be the most popular kid on the web.

Whether you’re a business-giant like Apple, or a small farm selling pears online, you’ll sell more of your product by investing in a Google AdWords Ad.

What Is Google AdWords?

Before we go any further, what exactly is Google AdWords?

Do me a favor: open a new tab and search “wedding photographers.”

Alright. Now take a look at the top of the page—those first four results are, usually, all Google AdWord ads. Look closely, it even says “ad” beside the link; otherwise, it looks like any other search result.

If you never knew these top search results were actually ads, you’re not alone. One study showed 40 percent of people who clicked on an AdWords didn’t even know it was an ad.

Basically, Google AdWords allows businesses to place a camouflaged ad at the very top of a Google search result page.

The higher the search result, the more likely it is to be clicked. That means more visibility for you and your business.

So, what’s the catch?

The Almighty Google Rules

There are many rules you must follow to place a Google AdWords. For example:

  • The headline has to be 25 characters or less
  • The weblink can’t exceed 35 characters
  • The description line can also be no more than 35 characters

Oh, and you also can’t use the word “click” in the ad, even though that’s what you want the Google searcher to do.

You’ve Got Competition

You wouldn’t need Google AdWords if you had no competition. But because the internet is filled with other people who offer a similar service or product as you, you have to bid some money for the ad space you want. After all, you could be competing with hundreds of other businesses who want that top spot on the search results page too.

This means every time a searcher clicks on your ad, you owe Google a cut. Don’t worry, you decide how much money you’re willing to spend.

Aside from how much you’re willing to bid, Google also looks at how useful your ad is to the searcher and evaluates your website’s landing page.

That’s right: Google knows all. They hire website evaluators to go through your landing page and make sure links on the page are in full working order—and that the content is, you know, good. If you have a high-quality page designed by somebody who knows what they are doing, you’re good to go. If your out-of-work cousin put it together for 10 bucks, and it’s hard to use, Google will count that against you when placing your ad.

Are you ready to create your Google AdWords? Here we go…

Five Essentials to an Incredible AdWords Ad

  1. What’s your searcher’s ultimate goal? That’s your headline: You are not only selling a product, you are solving a problem. Think about the end result the user is looking for. Don’t place their problem in the headline, write their solution.For example: if you sell an amazing hair product, your headline shouldn’t be: “Do You Have Greasy Hair?” Instead, show the user the end result:Gorgeous Hair with Volume.” Show them what’s going to happen if they spend the money.
  2. Keep it personal: Search engine users are concerned about themselves. So, talk to them—directly to them. Use the word “you,” and use it a lot. “You deserve beautiful hair!”
  3. Make sure it’s up-to-date: It helps if you keep your ads up-to-date. Talk about the time of the year—keep it relevant.
  4. Use the Countdown Timer: If you are having a sale, a perfect tool on Google AdWords is the Countdown Timer. Show visitors exactly how long they have before losing out on a deal of a lifetime. People are motivated by fear of loss.
  1. Include emotional triggers: Fear isn’t the only emotion that motivates people. Appeal to your reader’s emotions to really connect.

Too Much Work? We Got You

We get it, this is a lot of work. Who has time for all of this while trying to run a business? Spoiler alert: we do. In fact, we’re really good at it. But don’t take our word for it, listen to these guys.

But seriously, at Solutions 8 we really care about your business—we want your web presence to come alive! And, speaking of that marketing giant Google, we are a Certified Partner. That means we’ve demonstrated skill and expertise in using Google AdWords. Contact us to create a killer Google AdWords ad. Who doesn’t want to be the most popular kid on the web?

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