outstanding results for a septic company

Arizona-Based Septic Company

*November Data was down due to disapproved ads (malicious software in the website)
**Leads = Calls, Request Septic Tank Inspection, and Contact Form Submission

Case Study Metrics:

Dec 1, 2015 - Feb 28, 2021
$80,487.61 in total ad spend
Avg. cost per lead $32.68
829 Conversions
13.25% Conversion Rate
Leads: 2,461

Our strategy/solution:

First, we changed the way their campaigns were set up:

- Built specific campaigns according to their services, so ads were more relevant to the users.
- Created more engaging ad copy and grouped highly-relevant keywords into specific ad groups.
- Added CTAs (missing from their old campaigns) so users knew what action to take.
Before working with Solutions 8:
Leads per month: 5 on average
Cost per lead: $220 on average
Conversion rate: 3.78%