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The Six Avatars of Medical Device Content Marketing

Medical device marketing isn’t easy. How’s that for the understatement of the century? One of the core complexities surrounding digital marketing for medical devices is attempting to answer one important question: Who are we speaking to? It isn’t uncommon for a product or a service to have multiple avatars. However, rarely have I seen an […]

The Solutions 8 Sales Funnel

We talk a lot about sales funnels with our Clients. So much so that I thought it was finally time that we took the lid off ours and sort of put our money where our money is JBefore I lift the veil, let me just preface by saying what I have always said: sales funnels […]

An Honest Review of Jason Swenk’s Agency Playbook

An Honest Review of Jason Swenk’s Agency Playbook First, a disclaimer: I don’t know Jason, we’re not buddies, we’ve never hung out. I’ve seen him speak a couple of times and we’ve shared an email or two as I’ve wandered through is funnel. That’s the extent of our relationship. I’m not an affiliate, reseller or […]
integrated marketing

Integrated Marketing

  The Six Components of Integrated Marketing Marketing 101: you’ve got a Web site, opened a Facebook page, and signed up with an e-mail marketing platform. It’s great that your lists are growing, even though your workload is increasing, but you’re finding that your sales aren’t responding the same way. Integrated Marketing 101: your Web site, […]
automated marketing that works

Automated Marketing that Works: Why You Need The Machine

Automated Marketing that Works: Why You Need The Machine What Is Automated Marketing? Built around a series of pre-determined actions, automated marketing runs on software that does exactly what the name suggests — automates your marketing. Let’s back up, though, to get a clearer picture. Marketing is the art and science of spreading the word […]
We are a Digital Marketer Certified Partner – one of the things that makes us the best Google Ads agency

Why We Decided To Get Digital Marketer Certified

Solutions 8 is a Digital Marketer Certified Partner Solutions 8 is excited to announce our recent partnership with Digital Marketer, a community for marketers and business owners to get new, exciting ideas and learn through certification programs, educational labs and a library of materials. Now that Solutions 8 is a Digital Marketer Certified Partner we will […]

Solutions 8 Announces a Feature in Thumbtack’s Spotlight

Solutions 8 is honored to announce our inclusion in the Thumbtack Spotlight. We are proud to have our story highlighted in the Pro Spotlight section of this popular consumer service website, listed among the most highly-esteemed web development professionals; we are truly grateful to be featured. Our proactive, creative and meticulous team is continually invested […]

Outsourcing Your Marketing Team – Myths & Facts?

There are a lot of opinions out there about outsource marketing. Is it good? Bad? Brilliant? Or a waste of money? Let’s talk first about what outsource marketing isn’t. It’s sketchy – FALSE When people hear the word “outsourcing,” many think it means taking sending jobs overseas. While this can sometimes be the case, it’s […]
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