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When and How to Launch Smart Shopping in Google Ads

If you run an e-commerce business, you’ve likely dabbled in Smart Shopping campaigns. Smart Shopping, as the name suggests, is pretty darn smart. It uses a learning algorithm to determine what type of people buy your products. Then, it searches the Internet for users that fit the profile—and places your ads in front of them. […]

Solutions 8 Partner Spotlight: OMG Commerce

Every now and then, we come across another agency that pulls at our digital marketing heart strings. Enter OMG Commerce. From their groundbreaking track record to their remarkable offering of services, OMG Commerce is at the top of their game. Here’s why we’re so proud to call them a partner:   OMG Commerce: Your New […]

Solutions 8 Partner Spotlight: Measurement Marketing

At Solutions 8, we’re constantly looking for new ways to become better digital marketers. This means investing in education and tools that help us kick major butt. (We are digital ninjas, after all.) And like any ninja will tell you, building strong marketing muscle doesn’t stop at years of experience. It calls for constant enrichment […]

PPC Audience Targeting: Why Does Your Business Need It?

To make the most out of paid advertisements, focus on PPC audience targeting. This marketing technique for small businesses will help ads reach the right customers in a crowded market. Let’s be honest: It’s a crowded market out there. At every corner of the World Wide Web, consumers are flooded with ads. Competitors are basically […]
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