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Google Ads New Release: Lead Form Extensions Inside YouTube Ads!

  When our Senior Client Strategist John Moran gets this excited about something, you know it’s a big deal. In case you missed his recent YouTube video, here’s the gist:  You can now create a lead form extension inside of a YouTube ad.  Whoa, right?  If you’re familiar with how Facebook Lead Ads works, it’s […]

5 Key Advantages to Bidding on Brand Keywords (And Yes, You Should Be)

Got five minutes? Good. This is going to be a quick and dirty explanation about why you should absolutely, definitely, always be bidding on brand keywords as part of your Google Ads strategy. Brand keywords, also called branded keywords or brand terms, are keywords (or phrases) that contain your company name—for example “Ralph Lauren” or […]

San Francisco Salt Company/Epsoak

As the fastest-growing salt company in America, San Francisco Salt Company/Epsoak needed a Google Ads strategy that could keep pace with their rapidly expanding business—and an agency with the expertise to manage it. Partnering with Solutions 8 has allowed them to increase their marketing efficiency by utilizing ad spend more effectively.

Just When We Thought Our Team Couldn’t Get Any More Awesome, Solutions 8 Operations Specialist Eurice Echaves Joins the Ranks

Even amid a global pandemic, there are silver linings. Take Solutions 8 Operations Specialist Eurice Echaves, who definitely wouldn’t be the star of this blog if the recent health crisis hadn’t forced so many businesses to make tough decisions. When the company she’d been working for had to lay off employees because of COVID-19, Eurice […]

Delayed Attributions and How It Impacts Your Reporting in Google Ads

Perhaps Yoda said it best: “Patience, you must have.” Sure, he was referring to Jedi training and not paid ad campaigns, but hear us out. This blog is for anyone who has ever taken a look at their Google Ads campaign numbers and thought, “Hey, last week looked good. Why not this week? Why is […]

How to Navigate the Google Ads Dashboard

 When it comes to finding your way around the Google Ads dashboard, with all its buttons and menus and options, do you sometimes feel like that meme of the dog with its head tilted to the side in confusion? We hear you. Managing a Google Ads campaign is a complex task, and if you’re […]
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