outstanding results in conversion rate and client acquisition

How a Hubspot Web Design and Development Agency Boosted Their Conversion Rate and Took Their Client Acquisition Results To The Next Level

Case Study Metrics

Dec 1, 2020 - April 30, 2021
Click Through Rate: 34% increase
Avg. Cost Per Lead: 63% decrease
Conversion Rate: 93% increase

The Challenge

The initial campaign launch quickly exposed two major issues:

First, a large quantity of low quality leads.

And by “low quality,” we mean they weren’t leads at all. They were people who thought they were contacting Hubspot, rather than a Hubspot certified partner agency.

While our ad copy explained this, the vast majority of Hubspot users are stressed small business owners who quickly call or click before reading details.

The second issue was a high cost per lead.

At an average of $259 per lead – with many of those being low quality leads – this was too expensive and made the ads unaffordable. The high cost was fueled by high competition of other Hubspot certified partner agencies trying to sell similar services.

Both of these issues come with the industry, but we were determined to find a way around.

The Solution

The way around the issues was two-fold.

First, we completely revamped their keyword strategy:
• Identified keywords that convert well, causing their ads to show up more often at the top of the results page
• Took the top performing keywords and switched to “broad match”
• Changed our bidding strategy to “Target CPA”
This encouraged the algorithm to spend the budget only on the keywords that were relevant, profitable, and it also gave it the opportunity to find new leads using the historical data so long as it is hitting our Target CPA goal (which we regularly inched lower).

Then, we worked with Inbound Design Partner’s designer to divide the traffic into three categories. The designer created three personas for the target market and three landing pages to go with them:

1. Basic Keywords (aka “Padawan Persona”) were people simply looking for help with their Hubspot website.

2. Advanced Keywords (aka “Tourist Persona”) were employees of businesses looking for an agency to help with their Hubspot website.

3. Professional Keywords (aka “Agency Persona”) were other agencies looking to outsource their work related to Hubspot websites, whether as a white label partner or a referral partner.

This allowed us to control how the budget was spent. Since persona #2 was the “sweet spot” we maxed out that market and put the remaining budgets into the other two. It also helped the algorithm hone in on who these people are, what they look like, where to find them, etc. It also bumped the conversion rate up, since the landing page text spoke more specifically to the lead’s primary need.

The Results
Decreased cost per lead by 63%
Increased click-through rate by 34%
Increased conversion rate by 93%