Syncro Significantly Increased Their Number of Qualified Leads, Kept Their CPL Low, and Saw More Conversions after Partnering with Solutions 8

Syncro is all about innovation, efficiency, and simplicity—so it stands to reason their ideal Google Ads agency would be one that utilized those same qualities to approach and overcome the challenges they had been experiencing. Having worked with Solutions 8 for just under a year now, Syncro Director of Marketing Rory Martin had this to say about the Solutions 8 team: “I’ve loved everything about what you guys bring to the table.”

Executive Summary

The team at Syncro loves data. After all, they rely on it constantly to help clients streamline their workflow and ultimately boost productivity and profitability. In Solutions 8, they found a partner willing to gather and analyze massive amounts of data about their paid advertising campaigns and dig down to the nuts and bolts to discover the best way to optimize the performance of those campaigns. In doing so, the Solutions 8 team continues to help Syncro achieve their digital marketing goals and see a greater return on ad spend (ROAS).

About Syncro

Syncro is an all-in-one Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) and Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform that allows clients to save time and money by offering a more seamless tools experience and eliminating the need for multiple software solutions. Specifically designed for IT professionals and Managed Service Provider (MSP) businesses, Syncro is highly customizable and features robust scripting and automated remediation capabilities that allow users to monitor their entire network from one convenient location.

The Challenge: Identifying and Increasing Qualified Leads, Boosting Conversions, Improving Campaign Performance

Among the pain points described by Syncro before partnering with Solutions 8 were: the need to increase the amount of qualified leads they were getting and pinpoint where those leads were coming from; converting more leads into paying customers; and advancing their digital marketing system with the help of disciplined reporting, experimentation, and data-driven decision making.

According to Syncro, the main challenge their marketing team was facing was maintaining user acquisition growth and ensuring their sales team was able to engage an increasing number of qualified leads. The company also wanted to increase brand awareness as part of an integrative marketing strategy.

The Solution: a Team as Obsessed With Data as the Client

As the #1 ranked Google Ads agency in the country, Solutions 8 has helped thousands of clients across all industries build, launch, and manage highly successful Google Ads campaigns by focusing intently on data and analytics. Because MSP is such a niche industry, the Solutions 8 team began by getting to know Syncro as a company, gathering information about its core services, the type of customer they serve, and what sets them apart from competitors. From there, they were able to help them grow and scale through digital marketing.

The Result: Checking All the Boxes to Ensure High Campaign Performance

Since their campaigns were launched in December of 2019, Syncro has more than tripled the amount of qualified leads being brought in, resulting in a significant increase in ROAS. Despite enormous growth, they have been able to keep their cost per lead (CPL) low, and the resulting leads are those that are more likely to convert.

Though they increased their ad spend budget by only 3.6X, Syncro has been able to grow and scale considerably as the result of partnering with Solutions 8.

The Future: Continued Optimization, New Channel Expansion, Improvements in Ad Creative

Going forward, Solutions 8 will continue to help Syncro meet and exceed their marketing and advertising goals by exploring new customer acquisition channels such as Facebook and Reddit; doing so has the potential to further boost the performance of their Google Ads campaigns.

With regard to ad copy, the Solutions 8 team will work on creating and launching specific campaigns targeting users who may be looking into purchasing a competitor product. The team will also fine-tune advertising content to convey Syncro's unique tone and position them as an industry thought leader; this may include optimizing website and landing page content.

Finally, Solutions 8 will continue to provide valuable data to the Syncro marketing team so that, together, they can better predict what the outcome may be as they continue to increase ad spend and make adjustments to their campaigns.