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Arizona-Based Septic Company

Google's shopping campaigns can scare advertisers away due to the added layers of complexity. However, ignore shopping campaigns at your peril.


Prior to working with Solutions 8, Particle was having difficulty tracking their conversions and therefore did not have adequate data to guide their overall marketing strategy. They needed an actionable plan to implement use-case-specific targeting in order to market to industries within the IoT space and turn marketing qualified leads (MQLs) into sales qualified leads (SQLs). In Solutions 8, they found an experienced partner to help them overcome the hurdles they were facing and achieve long-term success with Google Ads.


Syncro Significantly Increased Their Number of Qualified Leads, Kept Their CPL Low, and Saw More Conversions after Partnering with Solutions 8

Lexington Luggage

Better Tracking, Higher Feed Quality, and Consistent ROAS: How Lexington Luggage Found their Ideal Google Marketing Partner in Solutions 8

Medical Device Manufacturer

Medical Device Manufacturer Sees Significant Increase in ROAS from 2019-2020 after Implementing Google Ads and Smart Shopping Campaigns

Specialty Clothing

Solutions 8 was hired by this specialty clothing retailer to assist with the launch of their new brand. Within two and a half weeks of launching the campaign, the Solutions 8 team had surpassed the client's break-even goal of 300% ROAS. Within a month, they were at over 10,000% ROAS for all campaigns.

Specialty Jackets

This apparel client has been in business for over 30 years and sells specialty jackets. They partnered with Solutions 8 to expand their reach and increase their return on ad spend. From April 1, 2020 through May 31, 2020, they earned more than 9 times what they spent for Smart Shopping and over 16 times what they spent for all campaigns.

Sporting Equipment

This client offers hard-to-find sporting equipment and training aids for athletes. They partnered with Solutions 8 to boost their conversion rate and increase their ROAS to grow and scale their business. In just a short period of time, from March 1, 2020 through April 30, 2020, they achieved a 722% ROAS for Smart Shopping and an 839% ROAS for all campaigns.


This client manufactures and sells high-quality, locally sourced consumables and bath products. Since partnering with Solutions in October of 2019, they have seen consistently high performance with Google Ads and Smart Shopping while achieving a clearer picture of their overall profit. In less than a year, their Google Ads campaign became one of the highest-performing campaigns in Solutions 8 history, with a consistently rising ROAS. The numbers below represent the two-month period between May 1, 2020 and June 30, 2020, during which time they achieved a 576% ROAS in Smart Shopping and 665% ROAS for all campaigns.

Specialty Clothing Hats

This client sells specialty hats, sunglasses, and apparel. Their return on ad spend may seem comparatively low at 227%, but in looking at their Top Conversion Paths report it becomes clear that the majority of conversions began (i.e., received their first click) with Smart Shopping and ended (last click) with Return Search, resulting in a 3,200% ROAS for Return Search. This tells us that, despite the fact that the last click attribution model assigned the conversions to Return Search, it was Smart Shopping that initially secured those conversions.