New Trend Shows How Montessori Schools Have Been Growing Enrollment with Facebook Marketing

Millions of Advertisers every day flock to Facebook, trying to hock their new pore cleanser, fidget spinner, or push their next new fake eyelash set on to their old high school friends. While this growing saturation of ad placements on Facebook may continue, there is a smarter way to use Facebook… and the devil is in the details.

Many businesses truly do not know the depths that Facebook has gone when they developed their targeting mechanisms. Did you know, you can effectively target people who have an interest in someone that is only known to, maybe 50,000 people? Now while that number may look like a lot, keep in mind, that there are over 321.4 million people in the USA. 50,000 is but a drop in the bucket.

Better yet, you can target not only people who are interested in a certain type of education, but what school they want to learn that education from? If you are a Montessori school looking to increase the number of enrolled students, your ears should be nice and perked by now.

Let’s talk about targeting

There are a plethora of targeting options available when it comes to advertisers on Facebook. I will spare you the hundreds of options when choosing an audience by placing an AMAZING infographic here. But let’s discuss what you came here for… Montessori enrollment growth!

If you just so happen to be a Montessori school looking to grow your enrollment, consider this a proverbial (digital) jackpot! That’s right, I am going to share with you, the secret of our success that only our clients and we know; How to target effectively on Facebook, and experience an under $30 cost per lead. These are not “fluffed” metrics, they are real. Anyone who dares to challenge me, I invite you to email me at [email protected] and I will show you a real client’s Facebook Ads Account with live metrics (we have permission).


The cost per lead for this client is $28.30, as of last week. Now I know the skeptics will say “Well. that’s great, but what qualifies a “lead” from Facebook?” Well, Mr./Ms/Mrs. Skeptical… I am glad you asked…

We believe anyone who fills out their information to schedule an appointment to tour the campus, a lead. Our clients seem to think so as well.

The Secret Sauce

In order to attract such high quality, high converting leads, you need great targeting (as I said before). The infographic I referenced to earlier will not provide you with the secret formula. You can see in the infographic that they touched upon “Education” as a targeting tool, but that is too vague. If you try that targeting, your campaign WILL fail. I can guarantee that. Education can mean so much to an audience. You need to be specific.

Facebook allows you to target not only the interest in a specific type of education but who is searching for it. In our experience, we have seen true data that reflects the person who may be interested in a Montessori School. I will let the data speak for itself.

As the data shows here, you can see that women, between the ages of 25 and 54 are our highest performing audience. Anecdotally, we believe that it stays at home moms engaging with our ads on Facebook.

So, what set of targeting options does a Montessori school go after? This is the secret. Facebook allows you to target by geographical location as well as a type of school. In this example, what worked for this client was targeting people within a 25-mile range of their location and trying to find anyone interested in Montessori specifically. This is their targeting:

Seems simple right? It does now, but after months of testing and finally finding the secret sauce to high performing targeting, this was no simple task.

People who are interested in the type of education that Montessori offers within a geographical range that the Avatar is willing to drive, will result in conversions.

There are a few clients who achieved the same amount of success as this example client, but their targeting included these other targeting metrics:

There is a winning target combination here that will perform for your campus, it just takes some time to build, test and optimize. However, once it’s optimized, it’s like winning the automated lottery every day.

The success of each of our client’s campaigns are attributed to the Ad Copy, Imagery, Videos, Custom Audience, retargeting, pixel content, leadmagnets and trip wires that we develop. Please don’t rush to Facebook and follow this case study and expect the same results. This took a few months to figure out the successful formula. We do NOT cookie cutter our campaigns and we do NOT clone strategies.

Each Montessori school is unique in their own way and can only be successful based on their unique strategy.

We invite you to contact us if you are interested in creating an ongoing perpetual enrollment campaign that will provide quality conversions at a fraction of the cost it requires in traditional marketing.

We are a Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in Montessori Development and hope that you work with us to create your first funnel!


The Solutions 8 Team