Medical Weight Loss Leads

How We Spent $22,000 and Made $270,000 in One Year

Case Study Metrics:

Feb 5, 2018 - Jan 22, 2019
Marketing for two locations
$21,459 in total ad spend
200 new patient leads
$106.92 avg cost per lead
90% closing ratio
180 new patients
Avg patient value: $1,500
Total revenue: $270,000
Pro Tips for Google Ads Success 

Focus your keyword strategy

Over 60% of our leads came from four key phrases (out of hundreds that we’re bidding on). It took us time to learn what phrases performed the best but the investment was well worth it.


Notice that the conversion rate from lead to patient is an amazing 90%. This is partly because we keep keyword strategy focused. (The other part is the client's highly trained staff.)

We also use the content on the landing page to push away patients who won’t be a good fit for our client's service. It doesn’t benefit you to generate leads that you can’t properly service. 

Continuity is key

Your ad copy and landing page copy need to include the terms your patient uses to search. For highly specialized services, don’t just drive traffic to your website’s homepage. Instead, build a specific landing page for each of your core keywords. This helps build trust with your patients and reaffirms that you have exactly what they’re looking for.

Test your ad copy

Google Ads allows you to split test your ad copy in order to determine what copy resonates the most with your patients. We found that testing three ads at a time yields the best results. 

PPC leads are fickle

It is imperative that you have systems setup for proper lead intake and qualification. If your phone isn’t being answered properly (or at all), you are losing valuable opportunities. These are prospects who have been conditioned for instant gratification. They aren’t going to leave a message, they’re just going to call the next practice.