Adding Solutions 8 to your Google AdWords account

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These instructions will help you provide the information necessary for your client manager to request access to your Google AdWords account.

To begin, we’ll need you to send us your 10-digit AdWords Customer ID. Please send this information directly to your Client Manager.

Your AdWords Customer ID can be found in header of your Google AdWords account after signing in. Click here for instructions.

Once we have you Customer ID, we will trigger an email from Google AdWords requesting that you grant us with access. This email will go to the email address that is connected to your AdWords account.

Your Client Manager will also follow-up with an email once the invitation has been sent.

When you receive the email, you will be prompted to log into your AdWords account and approve our access.

After we receive access to your account, it typically takes us 3 to 4 business days to complete a full evaluation.

Should you choose to engage Solutions 8 for regular AdWords management, we’ll need to perform this process a second time in order to transfer your account access from our review account to our management account.

Please let your Client Manager know if you have any questions. We are happy to help walk you through this process.

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