Your Last Chance to Learn About Effective Email Promotions!!!

OK, that’s totally not true, but since this blog is about the four types of promotional email campaigns you should be running every month (as discussed in Digital Marketer HQ’s Email Marketing Specialist certification course), I thought it would be fitting to employ a fantastic email subject line as my title.

In fact, that type of “threat” subject line would work for any of the four email groups, even though their purposes vary somewhat.

Last week we covered the steps to take when creating your company’s 30-day promotional calendar and today we’re delving into the what makes each of the four campaigns different and why we want to run them.

  1. Activation – This campaign is generally a TOFU (top of sales funnel) technique, but can also be utilized in BOFU (bottom of sales funnel) for customers who haven’t purchased in some time.

The purpose of the activation campaign is to spark the interest of prospective customers by offering low-dollar incentives (“tripwires”) to get them into the habit of giving you their money, thereby changing the relationship from “lead” to “customer.”

Tripwires can be anything that a prospect perceives as having high value, especially for such a negligible price, and can include content, promotional items, tools, samples, etc.

Generally aimed at large segments of your subscriber list, these emails should be immensely engaging and designed to augment brand recognition and enthusiasm.

Example subject lines (we’ll start with a threat):

  • Only 100 of our adorable sample candles left!!!
  • Everyone’s signing up for our “Marketing Email 101” webinar!
  • How about 1 month of choice programming for only $10?
  • Download “Secret Canning Tips and Hacks” today!
  • Limited edition (BRAND) t-shirts and hats!!
  1. Monetization – As the name suggests, we’re going strictly for the money this time, so we want to direct this campaign at the one segment that’s most primed to part with their money: your recent purchasers.

Recent purchasers have not only proven they’re ready to spend, they’ve shown they trust your brand, at least somewhat. Hopefully, they’ve had a great product experience that you can leverage to tempt them into another sale.

This is a perfect time for “ascension,” or the offering of higher-ticket items, like deluxe products, packages and exclusive memberships.

Example subject lines:

  • 2017 Platinum Club Membership 20% off!
  • (BRAND) 2.0: This ain’t your grandpa’s mower.
  • ONE BILL for your mobile, satellite and internet!
  • Friends and Family Sale: Everything 30% off!
  • (BRAND) 1986 Reserve: Ever wonder what heaven tastes like?
  1. Segmentation- A broadcast email blast to your entire contact list, the segmentation campaign is designed to separate both leads and customers by interest so you can target them with more relevant offers in the future.


Depending on your products or services, you can segment subscribers by touching on their pain points, playing to their desires, making industry-specific offerings, appealing to hobbyists, etc.

Example subject lines:

  • 15 fun ways to use our woodcraft glue!
  • Can your socks hold up to skiing, climbing and biking??
  • Never run out of mulch again!
  • 20% off our best outdoor photography filters!


  1. Wild Card- When discussing our 30-day promotional calendar in last week’s blog, we talked about the fact that you should be running at least one campaign per week (how many more would depend upon the both the size of your company and your email list)

The wild card can either be combination of other campaign types or something completely experimental. It’s a chance to get creative and maybe even have some fun.

It’s advisable to run your wild card near the end of the month and only if you’re on track with your projected revenue goals for the month. If not, you need to stick with a campaign type you’ve been having success with and run a variation on that.

Example subject lines:

  • Project Food Bank: Bring 1 can of food for 25% off!
  • FLASH SALE: 50% off EVERYTHING 1pm-2pm tomorrow!!!
  • Have an ugly sweater? Wear it here tomorrow and save!!
  • Wheel of Savings: Don’t you want your free spin?
  • Today only: Kids (RIDE, EAT, PLAY, etc.) free with one adult admission!

Hopefully we’ve given you enough raw material to begin formulating the types of offers and campaigns you need to be running. The only thing that remains writing the emails, themselves.

If you have any questions about building effective email marketing campaigns, crafting powerful emails, writing killer subject lines, etc., or would like to find out about our email marketing services, please don’t hesitate to reach out any time.


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