Meet Solutions 8 Front-end Web Developer and Designer Danish Ashrafi (aka the World’s Greatest Dad)

Do you know why I love writing these employee spotlight blogs? Because they give me (and you, of course) a chance to get to know my incredible team members a little better, and I have to say they are always full of the best surprises.



Take Danish Ashrafi, our Front-end Web Developer, and Designer. Not only is he brilliant at his job—we’ll get to that in a second—but behind that genius façade is the ULTIMATE family man. He says his love for his family is the reason he is so passionate about his work, and he gushes about his wife Mizna and ohmygoodness their daughter Anabiya, whom I’d kidnap in a heartbeat if they lived a wee bit closer. (That’s not weird, right? Good.)



He says it sometimes surprises people to find out he’s so young and already married—which apparently is not the norm in Pakistan, where Danish lives. He grew up there, and he says working for his father’s real estate agency helped him develop a lot of the skills he uses in his job today. After that, he worked for a web hosting service but says he landed at Solutions 8 because it was an opportunity to learn new things and become even better at his job.


I asked him about a typical day at Solutions 8. (I should have known better.)

Danish says there really are no “typical days” here at Solutions 8, and every day is a learning experience. He does everything from graphic design to website development, including putting together kickass landing pages that make our clients stand out from their competitors. And speaking of clients, he loves getting to work a variety of businesses in all kinds of industries. He’s always enjoyed working with entrepreneurs and helping companies grow, and he is glad his digital marketing skills “come in handy” for doing just that.

Of course, like the rest of us, Danish says the best part about working at Solutions 8 is our super friendly and supportive team. (Oh, and the ability to work from anywhere in the world is also a pretty cool perk, he says.)

When he’s not working, you can find Danish spending time with that adorable daughter of his, who is a year old and definitely the apple of her dad’s eye. He also enjoys playing PC games and has a fondness for social media—not just for connecting with family and friends, but because doing what he does has given him a strong respect for the power of social media marketing.  



Let’s talk about travel. Favorite place he’s ever visited?

Danish and his wife went to Murree and Naran Kaghan for the first time on their honeymoon, and he says it was an unforgettable experience. If you’ve never been, both are in Pakistan and a quick Google search will have you dreaming of breathtaking mountain towns and incredible lake views that hardly seem real.   

His travel bucket list, should he win the lottery, includes the Maldives, New York City, Las Vegas and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (which he says he’s only seen in movies). He would also like to visit the White House.


Books and movies? Any good recommendations?

The last books he read were the Quran and the New York Times bestselling Principles by Ray Dalio—one of the world’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs, according to his Amazon bio. You can also find Danish immersed in books about digital marketing, which sounds about right given his passion for sharpening his mad skills.  

As for movies, he says he likes “everything that doesn’t make sense,” which I thought was a fantastic answer. He loves Marvel’s The Avengers and other superhero movies, and he also really likes stand-up comedy.


What inspires him?

“Everyone and everything trying to do something valuable.” He says it doesn’t matter what the impact is as long as you are doing something good and not expecting anything in return. I guess I could have started with that, right? It tells you just about everything you need to know about Danish. No wonder we think he’s so great.