Solutions 8 Partner Spotlight: Design Pickle

As a team of genius digital gangsters, Solutions 8 is obsessed with finding creative solutions for everything under the sun.

Sometimes, this involves partnering with other like-minded companies who share our values, goals, and appreciation for innovation.

Design Pickle is one of those companies.


Founded in 2015, Design Pickle Is THE Graphic Design Platform for Small Businesses

Born from the idea that “everybody needs access to seamless, reliable and professional graphic design on a consistent basis,” Design Pickle is now made up of more than 230 employees and have delivered custom graphics and designs over 10,000 clients — including us.

The company is also headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. (Maybe we’re biased, but we think this proves how cool our city truly is).

We couldn’t do what we do without Design Pickle. That’s why we want to share how proud we are to partner up with this amazing company.

As The Beatles once said, “I get by with a little help from my friends…”


Meet Design Pickle: Your New Favorite Graphic Design Service

Design Pickle is an online graphic design platform for entrepreneurs, businesses, and enterprise teams. They offer unlimited, professional design work for one flat rate.

Yes, you read that right.

Whether you need a banner image for an article or a polished PDF for customers to download, once you become a Design Pickle client, you’re welcome to request as many custom graphics as you need for your unique projects. This also includes unlimited revisions and users, so it’s easy for your whole team to get in on the fun.

Oh, and to top things off, you have 100% ownership of all the files. Pretty cool, right?


How Does Design Pickle Work?

After joining Design Pickle, you’ll get matched with a Dedicated Professional Designer. It’s like having your own personal graphic designer — but without the lengthy hiring process.

When it’s time to create a custom graphic, all you need to do is submit a request detailing what you’re looking for.

Design Pickle accepts a wide range of graphic requests, including Google display ads, digital brochures, sales sheets, logos, and simple infographics — just to name a few.

Now, this is when the magic happens.

Your request is sent to your queue; then, on every business day, your Dedicated Professional Designer works on your design request before sending it back to you for your review.

Remember, after receiving the finished product, you can submit unlimited revisions to make it just right. And, members have access to a support team through phone, email, and video if you need a little extra help with anything.


At Solutions 8, We Love Design Pickle

In fact, we use Design Pickle almost every day.

From logos to infographics, Design Pickle is our one-stop shop for professional graphic design work.

Want an example? Elisabeth, our stellar Accounting Manager, recently wanted to create a checklist for on-boarding new PPC clients.

“[Our main designer] Mikhail made a very nice PDF file out of it,” she shared.

The designer not only did an excellent job organizing the copy in an expertly aesthetic way, he also seamlessly incorporated our brand’s colors and themes.


Because we use Design Pickle for our graphic design needs, our clients also have access to high-quality, customized design work.

Take Nido Marketing for example; Nido Marketing is an extension of Solutions 8 that helps Montessori schools expand and grow through digital marketing. And now, Nido Marketing utilizes Design Pickle to create custom design work, like brochures, for each school.

Here are just a few examples of what our designer, Mikhail, created:


Montessori Center School, Upper Elementary:

Montessori Children’s Schoolhouse, Toddler Program:

St. Peter’s Montessori School, Elementary:


As you can see, our designers at Design Pickle know a thing or two about making attractive and eye-catching graphics.

“Design Pickle is great and has learned very quickly what Montessori schools need,” says Daneen, Community Manager for Nido Marketing.


With So Much Value in Design Pickle’s Services, We’re Thrilled to Call Them a Partner

We love Design Pickle. We even have a dedicated Slack channel to keep track of Design Pickle requests and completed tasks — which makes it easy for our team to stay on the same page, access the same files, and admire the design work that comes in each day.

Ready to hire your own designer? Visit Design Pickle to learn more.