Things We’re Grateful for at Solutions 8

Last updated by Patience Hurlburt-Lawton, November 15, 2017

You know those annoying people who walk around telling everyone just how much they love their jobs? Spoiler alert: we’re those people. But it’s not just that we get paid to do what we love. It’s that when we do, we get to help other people nurture what it is they love—kinda like paying it forward through the work we do every day. But where are we going with all of this?

Being the season of giving thanks and all, we started thinking about the things we’re grateful for right now in the digital marketing biz and beyond—from our talented (and slightly quirky) Solutions 8 family to any personal accomplishments we may be feeling particularly spiffy about. Turns out we have a lot to be grateful for.

Kasim (Rhymes with Awesome): Founder & Chief Strategist, Digital Ninja

It seems only right to let the big guy go first. In his words, “I’m grateful for everyone at Solutions 8. I feel like we have the most amazing staff in the whole wide world. Everyone cares. Everyone goes above and beyond. Everyone puts in extra time, effort, and energy. It’s an amazing working environment, which is even more extraordinary considering over half of our staff works remotely.” Aw, shucks. We love you too, man.

Kasim’s also grateful for DigitalMarketer and says it’s a relief knowing we’re not alone in our mission to stay on the cutting edge. He values the opportunity to be a DM Partner and the thought leadership they provide.

Other things he’s grateful for? Google (because it knows everything); ONTRAPORT (yeah, marketing automation!); Asana and their nifty project management tools; Simplero (“We built an entire business around it!”); and Vision Offices, our office building. “We’ve been here almost eight years and they’re just so friendly and accommodating and helpful,” says Kasim.

When asked about something that has helped Solutions 8 this year, he said staying ahead of the knowledge curve and making sure every client manager who starts at Solutions 8 gets DM Certified. He’s really proud of the fact that Solutions 8 was ranked a Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency by Expertise.com and he likes to gush about our insanely high client retention rate

The thing he loves most about his job? “I like bossing people around. It’s a passion,” he says, with a sly tongue-out emoji. Boss on, Boss Man.

Patience Hurlburt-Lawton: Director of Content, Outdoor Enthusiast, Underachieving Musician

In the world of content marketing, Patience says she’s still grateful the focus has shifted from keyword-stuffing to quality of content. “I always believed in the power of writing and it rocks my world that other people see it too,” she says. Heck to the yeah.

She’s also grateful for a job that allows her to be creative and write every day and to learn and grow with each project. Patience says she’s filled with gratitude for the people she works with: “A designer and project management team that will literally email me back at 10:00 PM on a Saturday; an incredibly talented team of writers—I don’t know what I would do without them; and a CEO who genuinely cares about us. Solutions 8 is made up of really smart, funny, and kind people—that alone is pretty special.”

On a personal level, Patience says she’s grateful for life, love, health, music, adventure, and dogs. We say what more do ya need?

Stephen Hutson: Operations Director, The Gif Master

A man of few words but deep thoughts, Stephen says the opportunity to make a tangible impact on someone’s business is truly special; it’s what motivates him to improve and challenge himself. “I know that every day I work here I grow as a professional and as a human being,” he told us. But like many of us, Stephen is most thankful for the Solutions 8 team. He says he is constantly amazed at the talent of everyone here and how much fun we have while doing incredible work. “I couldn’t dream of a better workplace or better co-workers.” Boom. Mic drop.

Josie Crecco: Content Writer (a.k.a. Midwest Hustle)

Like many wordsmiths, Josie says she’s “grateful that content writing has grown to become a valid and fulfilling career choice (at least at Solutions 8), thereby once-and-for-all justifying my pursuit of an English degree.” Can I get an “Amen!”?

She says she’s been blessed this year by the inordinate amount of graciousness and patience people have shown her, and she couldn’t be prouder to be part of a team that has as much heart and spirit as it does brains. Asked what she loves about her job Josie said, “As long as you’re doing it right, it need never be monotonous.” Wise words, indeed. 

John Moran: Senior Strategist, Avid Outdoorsman, Amateur Voice Impressionist

What is John most grateful for? For starters, he loves working with a team of people who consider digital marketing more of a passion (or maybe even an obsession, if we’re being honest) than a career. He says that’s exactly the way to build a strong company and the reason Solutions 8 has experienced the growth and success we’ve achieved so far.

Being a digital marketing project manager is no small task, but John says the way everyone works together to ensure all aspects of a project are done correctly definitely makes his job easier. He admits, “When you have that type of power behind you, it is truly a humbling experience each time you hear the client say, ‘Wow, I am so glad I called you guys.’” He almost feels guilty taking all the credit—almost, he says with a wink.

Rylan Zandi: Client Support Specialist, PC Builder, Maine Coon Roomie

Our newest newbie, Rylan is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Solutions 8 team and loves the company and the culture. He’s only been here a month but says he really digs how we’re helping the business world grow and that we should all be proud of the communication our team has. Great things we expect from this one. Strong with him is The Force.

Karla Socci Somers: Content Writer, Perpetual Dance Student

Guys, flexibility is awesome; just ask Karla. She is grateful for the ability to work from anywhere at all and still be able to help our clients achieve their marketing goals. She’s glad staying connected with her Solutions 8 team is super easy thanks to Slack, where Karla goes for her daily dose of levity and team spirit.

This year, taking on new challenges has helped Karla grow as a writer and develop her skills. She is especially thankful for our [Rock Star] Director of Content, Patience, whose… well, patience and leadership helps us all become better writers and better marketers.

On a personal note, Karla is extremely proud of her 11-year-old daughter for having just competed in her first national dance competition and bringing home the gold! Proud mom even got to watch from the audience. She is also thankful for fluffy white lab-mix dogs that leave clumps of fur around the house that look like cotton balls. Karla is awesome.

Danish Ashrafi: Web Developer & Designer, The Wizard

While the rest of us were waxing poetic, Danish got straight to the point: “I’m grateful for everything—from the letter S to the last digit of our name (8). We have a great and very helpful team which makes Solutions 8 special.” Crushed it.

Natalie McCatty: Social Media Manager, Social Butterfly (obvs!)

Not to sound like we’re tooting our own horn or anything, but our team really is amazing. In fact, it’s what Natalie says she’s most grateful for at Solutions 8. And we know she means it because she called us “fun, kind, intelligent and awesome.” Even though we’re spread out across the country—heck, across the world—Natalie loves being able reach out to her passionate and creative Solutions 8 comrades for a fresh perspective when she’s feeling stuck.

“I think having a talented group of people by your side can be the difference between success and failure,” she says.

Looking back on this past year, she is particularly proud of the relationships we’ve been able to create and foster with our clients. She says having awesome clients is reflective of our awesome team—and we couldn’t agree more. Plus, Natalie says being chosen as one of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Phoenix is pretty cool.

Asked what she loves about her job, Natalie had a pretty good list: using our talents and resources to help people—business owners and non-profits alike—and being there to help each other; a great corporate culture that allows us to be ourselves; and a boss who doesn’t put us in a one-size-fits-all box and encourages us to grow in the direction that fits us. 

Jan Whitson: Controller, Granny Moneypenny

Jan calls herself the “Grandma” of this crazy team, but don’t let her fool you—she’s younger at heart than a lot of us are in age. She and her husband recently closed their business of 15 years but she says she just wasn’t ready to retire. Lucky for us!

Jan is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing organization and credits Kasim for finding the BEST people to provide outstanding service to each and every client and to provide content that is absolutely tailor-made for each of their businesses.

She says she’s had many “jobs” during her life but that she has NEVER worked for and with such an incredible group of people. (Back at ya, Jan!) In her job, Jan loves that she can continue to learn new and exciting things and take care of all of us to the best of her abilities.

Drew Leatham: Special Initiatives, Weekend Stuntman

Sorry, Drew can’t come to the blog right now. He’s on a top secret digital marketing mission. This message will self-destruct in five… four… three…

Pamela Sapio: Content Writer, Dog Whisperer, Slytherin House Alum

Pamela thought it couldn’t get any better than working from her home office with her two ridiculously cute dogs—then she discovered Solutions 8. Of all the things she is thankful for this year, it is the opportunity to meet, grow and learn from such an extraordinarily talented (and ridiculously kind and genuine) group of people.

Like any writer getting paid to write, Pamela will tell you it is a joy that never gets old. She is also grateful for a job that is never stagnant. “The field of content writing is continually evolving alongside new technology and digital strategies, so there is always something new to learn.” She looks forward to helping Solutions 8 find new ways to wow our clients in 2018.

We have a lot to be grateful for. And that includes our clients.


Sure, we may be those annoying people who love their jobs and give a zillion percent to everything we do, but just think about how all that passion can help you grow YOUR business. Like Bruce Wayne said, “I’m putting together a team of people with special abilities.” We’re kinda like that: the Justice League, but without the costumes. (Well, we can’t speak for all of us on that one. Cough. John.)

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