Pamela Manwaring Shares Her Thoughts on Getting to Know Google Ads, Adjusting to Pandemic Life, and Always Remembering What She’s Grateful For

When you’re as dedicated as we are to helping clients achieve Google Ads success, you need extraordinary people to back up that commitment and walk the walk, so to speak.

Enter Pamela Manwaring, one of our newest Client Managers and already a valuable member of the Solutions 8 team.

Like many of us, she came across the job opening through the usual online search route but soon discovered our company was anything but usual. She immediately hit it off with Kasim and John and knew she was where she needed to be.

So far, she says the best part about her job is learning so many new things, but at the same time she says it’s also the most challenging part. Jumping in and learning everything there is to know about Google Ads, plus the different platforms we use and the types of clients we help, is a bit like information overload, Pamela told me—but she’s definitely rising to the challenge.

Along with her desire to succeed, her instinctive problem-solving skills and her empathetic nature make her a perfect fit for her new position.

As for a career in marketing, it may have been in the stars.

When she was little, Pamela dreamed of becoming a dancer or a fashion designer, but here’s the really interesting part:

“I collected Gund print ads and collaged my bedroom wall. I loved the designs and seeing the entire campaign in my room. Back then, we had to wait for monthly magazines to be delivered so it took some time to collage my walls!”

Talk about an eye for the business!

She says her go-to productivity trick is staying organized and having a priority list that she does her best not to deviate from. Add in a good walk outside, a cup of Joe, and she’s all set.

Okay, can we talk about Charlie now?

Charlie is her 9-year-old rescue boxer, and OMG look at that handsome face! When Pamela’s not working, you can find her spending time with him, preferably outdoors (though not in the blazing Arizona heat).

She also loves spending time with her human family members, including her two sons, Kyle and Ryan, and her mom (aka Grandma Lola) who recently relocated to their neighborhood from Indian Shores, Florida. “She’s been a blessing in our lives,” says Pamela.

Kyle, her oldest son, just graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Finance and starts his first job with Vanguard this month. Ryan will be a junior in high school and divides his time between his job at the local pizzeria, playing lacrosse, and finding new ways to stay connected with his friends during the pandemic.

Oh, and apparently Pamela is really good at the game Spoons. “You’ll lose a finger!” she told me. Yikes! (For those of you who’ve never played, Spoons is a cutthroat, high-anxiety card game with some flatware tossed in for good measure, because hey, why not?)

Straight outta Indianapolis.

Pamela was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana but moved to Phoenix, Arizona after college. She also spent a little time in Santa Monica, California and right now she is back in her hometown “escaping the desert heat.”

Among her favorite places she has visited in the past are Laguna Beach (California), Santorini (Greece), the Swiss Alps, Nice (France), Jamaica, and Hawaii. And like many of us, she hopes to do more traveling once we can put this coronavirus business behind us.

And speaking of the pandemic, Pamela (a self-professed germaphobe) says her friends and family don’t think she’s so crazy anymore now that the world is on lockdown. She was always the one to never leave home without disinfectant wipes, but these days it’s what all the cool kids are doing.

Still, Pamela is finding ways to keep her sanity intact as we ride out the COVID-19 health crisis. She says more than a decade of working from home-prepared her for the quarantine, but she’s also very thankful she’s not raising young kids right now. “I feel for every parent trying to make life work at home during this time,” she told me.

So what’s on her bucket list?

Pamela shared with me a few things that are at the top of her bucket list, and her love for her family definitely shines through.

First, she hopes to send Ryan off to college and help him take those first steps into adulthood. Second, she wants to spend more time with family and friends, especially once we can say so long to social distancing. In particular, she hopes to spend more time with her grandma, who is 93 and lives in Florida. Third, like a lot of moms, she hopes to one day be a grandmother herself—but not too soon. “One day in the distant future!” she told me.

So it’s not surprising that when I asked her what she feels most grateful for in life, she said, “My boys, my mom, and my best friends.”

Looks like we found another keeper!