The Solutions 8 Gives Project


Solutions 8 Gives

What do you need to achieve in your life to feel successful?

Our team has talked about this question a lot. In fact, it’s one of our favorite interview questions for hiring new team members. Aside from traveling the world, making a comfortable life for our families, and other honorable goals, perhaps the most consistent answer among us is to feel fulfilled.

Fulfillment goes beyond income; it even goes beyond liking your job (and trust us, we really love our jobs). Fulfillment is the feeling you get at the end of the day when you walk through the door, sit down, and feel like you made some sort of an impact.

And to many of us, ultimate fulfillment is achieved through serving others.

Our History of Giving Back…and Feeling Unfulfilled

So, Solutions 8 has a long history of giving back by donating our digital marketing services to really great charitable organizations. But we kept feeling…unfulfilled. It was hard to gauge what kind of an impact was being made by our monetary and volunteer services. It all felt so detached. Were we really helping?

Solutions 8 Gives: Our New Initiative

We decided that while these larger charities and organizations are noble and worthy, we would feel more fulfilled by helping people directly.

It all started with an idea:

A team member knew a single mom who worked several jobs, took care of her three kids, and also had a (pretty successful) side-business. This woman got up at 6am to get her children ready and take them to school, worked a job (or two) during the day, picked the kids up, and once they were asleep, worked on her side-business. She slept maybe four hours each night.

And you know what? This story isn’t uncommon. There are thousands of single moms out there who work ferociously to take care of their kids and still put in the extra time to pursue their business dreams.

But while they’re willing to put in the extra hours of work, these businesses have a hard time getting off the ground without digital marketing.

We Can Do That

Here’s what we want to do:

Find hard-working, real-life superheroes who need a little push to achieve their business dreams. This isn’t to say our “Solutions 8 Gives” project is strictly for single mothers who work two jobs and have their business on the side—but this is a great example.

Candidates should:

  • Already have a business foundation that has been well thought-out and initiated
  • Face some sort of adversity, making their business ambitions particularly challenging
  • Be really good people who deserve help

What We’ll Do

When we find the right candidate, we’ll provide a five-star digital marketing services start-up package. This means after learning all about the candidate, his or her business and ambitions, we’ll:

  • Design a business logo (if the candidate doesn’t have one already)
  • Design a professional website according to the candidate’s vision
  • Create content for the website
  • Start-up social media marketing and content
  • Advise the candidate on how to move forward with his or her business to achieve success

The market value of a package like this could easily reach $50,000—and we know there are people out there who truly deserve it.

Do You Know Someone Worthy?

If you know someone, or are someone, who continually pursues business dreams and ambitions in the face of adversity, we want to hear about it.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little push. Contact us here.