Solutions 8 Employee Spotlight: Account Manager Elisabeth Wachter Calls Herself a Digital Marketing Enthusiast. We Call Her Indispensable.

Off the southern tip of Italy, on a tiny island nation in the Mediterranean Sea, Solutions 8 Account Manager Elisabeth Wachter is hard at work.

As I write this, it’s 4:17 p.m. in Malta, a place you may have heard of in passing but likely never gave much thought. Elisabeth says people call it The Rock because there are no forests left there, in the tenth smallest country in the world. She says all of the trees were cut down in the Middle Ages to make boats, but that nobody bothered to plant new forests afterward.


Elisabeth kayaking off the Maltese coast.

Still, the scenery is stunning.

So stunning, in fact, that Elisabeth’s boyfriend Janez convinced her to move there from where they had been living in Slovenia. She says he used to spend the holidays there when he was younger and always wanted to go back, so eventually, they made the move to “this sunny little rock in the Mediterranean,” as Elisabeth calls it.


(Did I mention they filmed a bunch of Game of Thrones scenes in Malta? Big nerd points!)


The story of how Elisabeth joined our team is pretty neat, too.

A self-proclaimed digital marketing enthusiast, Elisabeth feels right at home with our Solutions 8 family, but how did we get so lucky in the first place?

About five years ago, Elisabeth first heard about She liked what she saw, started following their blog and podcast, and ended up finishing all eleven of their Digital Marketer Certificates—which is pretty darn impressive!

Having fallen in love with digital marketing and knowing it was the path she wanted to follow, she took a chance and started reaching out to DigitalMarketer partner agencies (of which Solutions 8 is one) to hopefully land a position doing more of what she loved.

I bet you can guess where this is going.

“Luckily, Kasim was one of the very first ones to reply, and that is how I became part of the team,” she told me. Lucky indeed!



Not to mention Elisabeth takes multitasking to a whole new level.

As Account Manager, she works hard to keep our Solutions 8 clients happy, which means a typical day might involve any number of account-related tasks to ensure our clients’ needs are met—from creating custom email marketing strategies and building consumer avatars to more technical projects like connecting lead magnets with email sequences, verifying domains, creating pop-ups, and building landing pages.

Told you she was indispensable.

She says the one of the best things about working remotely is that she doesn’t have to commute, which is a huge time saver.

I asked if there were any drawbacks and she told me, “I can’t think of anything bad. Maybe that we can’t share a birthday cake with each other.”

Good point. Who doesn’t love cake?


Still,  Elisabeth has the whole work-life balance thing in check.

During her lunch break, she likes to get outdoors and walk to an old watch tower nearby. She says she walks there almost daily to get some fresh air, sun, and to enjoy the view.


According to, the coastline of Malta is dotted with lookout posts or watch towers that were built by the Knights of Malta during the 17th century.  


On the days when she isn’t working, you can find Elisabeth hiking, traveling, working out, and swimming and kayaking in the Mediterranean. She says spring and fall are the best seasons for outdoor activities in Malta; the summers are too hot and the winters can be too stormy.

In fact, the most recent winter was the stormiest ever recorded, Elisabeth told me, and they were hit with an outstandingly strong storm that was rough even for those used to the seasonal weather changes.


Above the clouds in the Slovenian Mountains

Favorite place she’s ever visited?

“That is hard to say,” said Elisabeth. She’s originally from Germany and says she misses the forests there most of all, but admits there are many amazing places to visit right there on Malta. She mentioned Gozo specifically, which I had to look up, and which looks absolutely gorgeous.

However, one place stands out in her memory: the ruins of Scarborough Castle in the UK, where she visited last year during the winter. “I really enjoyed walking around on top of the hill and with the beautiful English coast all around. The UK is a place I always enjoy going to. They have old castles, nice green parks, and the people are incredibly polite.”

Elisabeth says her boyfriend Janez is the most influential person in her life. He inspires her because he always knows a solution to everything and never stops until his work is done. (Hey, any chance he likes digital marketing, too?)


Elisabeth and Janez at a seminar.


She also finds inspiration in learning—both reading and taking courses—and is currently reading The 7 Critical Principles of Effective Digital Marketing, written by our very own Founder and Chief Strategist, Kasim Aslam.

Next up on her reading list? 80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More by Perry Marshall. The basic idea is that you can save 80 percent of your time by focusing on the right 20 percent of your market—and knowing how to do it right is the key to building a successful digital marketing campaign.

Sounds like Elisabeth is in the right place here at Solutions 8!


(P.S. Kasim, we definitely need a field trip to Malta.)