Solutions 8 Employee Spotlight: Virtual Assistant Sathya Sridharan Loves a Lot of Things (but Books Aren’t One of Them)

His actual words were, “I seriously hate reading books.”

As a writer, I gotta say that’s a bit of a knife to the heart. But it also made me LOL. Especially when his 12-year-old son chimed in with, “Hi! This is Anirudh, his son. I have never seen him read a book before.”

Even in college, Sathya says he managed to complete his post-grad studies just by listening to his classes. (Side note: He also doesn’t watch movies or TV. Whaaaaat?)

Still, despite his aversion to the written word, Sathya is an absolute delight, and his answers were some of my favorites so far.

When I asked him what inspires him, he said, “I am an inspiration to myself.” Solid response.

When I asked what his superpower would be if he had one, he said he’d want to be able to foresee problems better so he could know how to avoid them. (That’s right, all you underachievers who said super speed or flight.)

And when I asked about the first three things he’d use the money for if he won the lottery, he said, “Buy something for my wife, my daughter, and my son. So simple!”

And it is simple, really, because Sathya’s love for his family came through loud and clear in his answers. He says his wife of 17 years is the most influential person in his life and he depends on her more than anyone. He also has a 16-year-old daughter along with his son Anirudh, and you’ll find Sathya spending most of his free time with them when he’s not working.

Sathya was born in the small town of Mettur (famous for the Mettur Dam) in Tamil Nadu, India and relocated to the coastal city of Chennai shortly after completing his education.

Sathya and his family love to travel and usually spend their summer vacations in one of India’s many hill stations. I had to look up what those were, but apparently they’re mountain towns that serve as summer vacay retreats for folks to get away from the oppressive heat of the lower elevations.

He said their favorite hill station is Ooty near Coimbatore, and they will likely go back again this year. No wonder—it looks beautiful!

How did Sathya become part of the Solutions 8 family?

He tells me it’s an interesting story, because initially he applied for another position. However, the team saw his potential for a different task and asked him if he’d be interested in doing that job instead.

“That was a completely unexpected one,” says Sathya, but clearly it worked out, because he’s been with us for almost half a year now.

He says what he likes best about his job is a team that helps him in every way possible and never hesitates to answer his questions. He also loves the constant challenge of learning new things and expanding his skills.

Sathya definitely likes to stay busy, and before Solutions 8 he was working on three different projects at once. He’s obviously amazing at multitasking and prefers to be working on several things at a time. Yep, he’s definitely in the right place.

Still, for as much time as Sathya spends on the computer, he’s not a big fan of social media.

“In general, I don’t share too many things or I am a bit reserved when it comes to talking about things not related to work, so that never suited me,” says Sathya. He also worries that too much time spent on social sites takes up far too much of most people’s time—time better spent enjoying life.

Sounds like he has his priorities straight, for sure.

(I just hope he reads this blog, because I’m pretty sure it won’t be available in an audio version.)

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