Solutions 8 Google Ads Specialist Neeraj Srivastava Reminds Us There Are Always Silver Linings, Even Amid a Pandemic

In fact, it was the COVID-19 pandemic that brought Neeraj to our team in the first place. He was looking for a remote position that was just the right fit, and it just so happens we were looking for a Google Ads specialist with skills like his. Fast forward a few months, and Neeraj has become an indispensable part of the Solutions 8 team.

Neeraj told me he spends his day working on setting up and managing Google Ads accounts for our many clients, helping them effectively spend their budget so they can get the maximum return on their investment. He enjoys the challenge of working with clients in different industries that have unique budgets, goals, and roadblocks.

Though the work often involves research and creative problem solving, Neeraj says he appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with his team members and overcome those hurdles to ensure our clients’ success.

His go-to productivity trick? Simple: Music and a cup of coffee.

As a kid, Neeraj dreamed of being a fighter pilot. 

“I was crazy about fighter jets and wanted to become a fighter pilot or a naval officer,” he shared with me. “My father was working in Military Engineering Services so I also got a chance to see real fighter jets very closely by entering restricted zones and that was amazing.” He only wishes he had a smartphone at the time to capture those moments!

Someday, he would like to become an expert in artificial intelligence, specifically in machine learning—which seems pretty smart considering how the technology is now being used to improve business operations and outcomes in nearly every industry.

He would also like to invent a device that would make it possible for humans to travel without vehicles. If we could go anywhere we wanted with just the click of a button, he told me, it would definitely solve a lot of problems and challenges of our era.

When he’s not working, you can find Neeraj spending time with his family.

His wife Neha is an interior designer and his little daughter Swaraa is the light of his life. He says one of the best things to come out of the current pandemic is getting to spend more time at home with them.

He also enjoys watching movies and TV, traveling, and playing cricket (he’s really good at it) as well as badminton and carrom—which is like a cross between shuffleboard and billiards, but played on a tabletop game board. I had to look it up, and now I’m a little obsessed. Check it out! (I’ll just be over here looking for carrom boards on Etsy.)

Born and raised in India, Neeraj and his family currently live in Hyderabad, in Telangana. But his favorite places to travel to—which he told me he could happily visit again and again—are Ladakh, Andaman (Holy beautiful islands, Batman!), and Goa.

Of course, travel has been limited in the past year, so Neeraj got a little creative at home and learned how to cook. “Initially it was a disaster,” he admitted. “But later I improved and cooked dishes that one could eat.”

Neeraj has a lovely philosophy on life. 

His favorite quote is, “You have only one life, enjoy it fully.”

He would love to travel back to his childhood, especially the time he spent in school, because “At that time, we never had big thoughts and worries … we were just living in the present and never tried to think about our past or future.”

Even now, as the world grapples with an unprecedented health crisis, he says he is grateful for this life and everything he has. And the best gift he ever received? A handmade birthday card from his daughter.

Welcome to the team, Neeraj!