Solutions 8 Client Manager Micel Aragoncillo Talks about Hard Work, Halo-Halo, and Helping Clients Achieve Their Goals

“Dream big, and always be positive no matter what.”

With a philosophy like that, it’s no wonder Micel is a part of our team.

Born in General Santos City in the Philippines (hometown of boxer Manny Pacquiao), he is the eldest of four children and, in my opinion, definitely Brother of the Year material.

At the age of 19, he took a job as a tech support agent in a call center three hours away from home to help his siblings go to college. Not to worry, though. Being the hardworking self-starter that he is, Micel ended up just fine.


Let’s talk halo-halo.

If you don’t know what this is, you’re missing out. A Tagalog word meaning, quite literally, “mix-mix,” halo-halo is a traditional Filipino dessert that combines layers of ice cream, shaved ice, sweetened beans, fruit, and other mouthwatering ingredients.

Basically, it’s like having a summer day in your mouth, and Micel sells it at the small dessert shop he owns in the Philippines. Yep, a dessert shop. YUM! He calls the shop his “side hustle,” but really I think it’s where all of his creativity and inspiration come from—not to mention what makes him so good at talking to clients.

And about that…


How did Micel find Solutions 8?

It’s kind of a funny story.

We all know what it’s like searching for work on the internet. You comb through countless listings, and then suddenly something catches your eye and you know it’s the one.

The funny part is, when applying for the position, Micel skipped one of the steps, which Kasim pointed out to him. Fortunately, his answer to the If you were an animal, what would you be? question really resonated with our fearless leader, so he was asked to advance to the interview process.

Not surprisingly, Micel passed the interview and the trial task with flying colors, and the rest is history.

(By the way, in case you’re wondering, Micel would be an ant.)

“I like their attitude towards work,” he told Kasim. “They work very hard every single day to collect food during the rainy season. For me, this shows that they are always on the move and they think about their future. In life, we should always be on the move even if we face many challenges, and the same with ants we should not forget our goals/future.”


As a Client Manager, Micel says the core of his job is relationship building.

Our clients look to him to help them be successful, which means he needs to take the time to understand their business, their needs and goals, and what it will take for them to build a profitable digital marketing campaign.

This involves constantly communicating with clients to manage their expectations and explain why different strategies may or may not be the right fit. With Micel’s guidance, Solutions 8 clients have a better understanding of what it takes to run a high-performing Google Ads campaign.

He says the best part about his job is being able to help clients learn more about digital marketing and Google Ads, and he enjoys continually expanding his own knowledge to help them reach their goals.


When he’s not at work, online gaming is his jam.

Micel loves online games and even founded an electronic sports (esports) organization in the Southern Philippines that promotes responsible gaming and competitive esports. He works with local colleges to organize esports events, and he likes competing when he has the time.

He also enjoys traveling and says one of his favorite places is El Nido on the island of Palawan in his home country. Micel loves the natural beauty of the area, especially the lagoons. (I mean seriously, check this out.)


Oh, and did I mention he’s going to be a dad soon?

Yep, I saved the best for last.

Micel’s girlfriend is seven months pregnant … and it’s a boy! Congrats, Micel! This will be his first child, and he’s as excited as any new dad about meeting his son.

If I had to bet, the little guy is gonna love online gaming—and halo-halo. And maybe even Google Ads? Okay, okay, wishful thinking. We can’t all be digital marketing nerds.