Solutions 8 Google Ads Specialist Gladys Tan Talks about Life Lessons, Living Simply, and Looking Forward to the Future

Here are a few things that stuck with me after talking to Gladys:

She recently finished a book called Simplify and Live the Good Life, which is about relieving our financial burden and understanding what we truly need to be happy.

If she could have lunch with anyone, it would be her grandfather, who passed away four years ago. “I just want to ask him how he’s been and update him about my life.”

And perhaps the best tidbit: A few of her favorite artists include poet Nikita Gill (swoon) Taylor Swift (heck yes, haters), and South Korean rapper and songwriter Kim Hanbin, aka B.I (worth a quick YouTube search).

When I asked her what makes these artists so inspiring, she told me, “I’m not really good with words, so I guess it fascinates me when they string together the right words and form a sentence that can really describe what one feels … their work resonates with me.”

These answers say a lot about Gladys and her philosophy on life, and it makes me glad she’s one of us.


Speaking of, what role does she play at Solutions 8?

As a Google Ads Specialist, Gladys assists with managing Google Ads campaigns for our clients. That means on a typical day you can find her hard at work analyzing account data, scrolling through reports, and checking on conversions to make sure nothing looks amiss.

She also looks for ways to improve each campaign so it gets even better results, making her an indispensable addition to the Solutions 8 team.

Gladys says the best part about her job is getting to work with people who are passionate, hardworking, and REALLY GOOD (her caps, not mine) at what they do. “I learn a lot of things from them, and they motivate me to work even harder.”

Still, if she could start her own business tomorrow, it wouldn’t have anything to do with marketing.

It’s okay, we totally understand. Ice cream is way better.

“I’ve always dreamed of having an ice cream shop or a franchise of an existing one. I love ice cream, specifically the sesame flavor. I live in a tropical country so I think it’s a good business.”

Makes sense to me—Gladys lives in the Philippines.

Though born in Pampanga, she now lives in Manila, about an hour away from her parents’ house and her two younger brothers. She visits with her family often and was heartbroken that their summer beach getaway was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully they can get there soon!


She says her dream vacation is probably a common one.

(But it’s still a good one.)

She has her sights set on traveling to Los Angeles and New York City and hopes one day she will get to see Disneyland and the Hollywood sign. She’d also love to stroll around Times Square, visit the Empire State Building, and get a close-up look at the Statue of Liberty.

So far, her favorite place she’s visited is Japan, specifically Osaka, and she’d love to go again. Says Gladys, “The food is good and the people are really nice. Also, video games are cheaper there so it’s a good place to shop!”


Did I mention that in her spare time she’s a gamer?

Yep, her favorite games are Super Mario Bros., Super Smash Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Assassin’s Creed.

You can also find her binge-watching Netflix (we both agreed Locke & Key was awesome) and Korean movies and series like You’re Beautiful, W – Two Worlds, and Extraordinary You (which I totally want to watch now).


And, because I like to end things on a thoughtful note…

She says the most impactful lesson she learned as a kid that still applies today is the importance of being respectful toward other people, regardless of social status, age, gender, or race.

Clearly, the world needs more people like Gladys.

(But this one’s ours, so go find your own. LOL jk.)