Specialist Team Lead (and World Traveler) Santosh Kumar Is On the First Flight to Anywhere Once this Pandemic Is Over


Not that I blame him.

It’s been a rough year, especially for a self-professed travel addict like Santosh. Currently living in Goa, India with his girlfriend and “partner in crime” Karina, he is used to going wherever the wind takes him.

In 2019 alone, Santosh told me he and Karina traveled to Russia, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy, Thailand, Bali (his absolute favorite), and Rishikesh (the birthplace of yoga, also in India) but since COVID-19 he has taken a travel hiatus like most of the world.

Good thing his job at Solutions 8 keeps him busy!

Santosh is the Specialist Team Lead at Solutions 8, and as soon as he read our About Us page and saw just how passionate we are about what we do, he knew he had to work with “these real-world superheroes of Google Ads.”

He says his job is to deliver on the promises made to our clients across every touchpoint, which is no small task. On top of that, Santosh provides strategic input for both the business development team and our client managers to ensure every Solutions 8 client continues to have the best possible experience working with us.

What makes him so good at what he does?

“I would like to think I am easily approachable and this probably makes it easier for me to work with all these amazing people and being able to deliver on the promises they make to our clients,” Santosh told me. He also said he enjoys the challenge of answering client questions, finding solutions, and delivering results.

But when it’s time to tune out and recharge his batteries, so to speak, Santosh loves to sit down with a good comedy and laugh. Of course, you can also find him chilling by the beach, dreaming about his next trip.

Santosh comes from a big family.

He laughed, saying that his parents, 3 brothers, and 4 sisters were only two players short of a full cricket team (which he loves to play). And just one short if you count him! One day he would like to have a four-legged family member but says that for now his love of travel keeps him from having a dog.

Santosh also admitted that he could max out his credit card on Skyscanner.com, a site where you can search for cheap flights to anywhere. He says once we can travel again, “I would probably book tickets to every place I can.”

During the pandemic, Santosh has learned a lot about himself (and made a few changes).

First, he quit smoking (thanks to his Lady Luck, Karina, he told me) and says he will never go back. Bravo!

He also realized that he can cook and feed himself. “It takes a lot of time but I love the taste of the chai and omelette I make!” he shared.

And like a lot of us, Santosh also stays busy reading (he last read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill) and binge-watching TV (most recently Band of Brothers). If this quarantine keeps up any longer, he may even learn to play guitar—a hobby he’s always wanted to take up.

So, better health, delicious food, and good entertainment? Sounds like a win to me. Take that, global pandemic.