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Customer Value Optimization: Everything You Need to Know

So, here is a question for you: What is the quickest way to grow your business? In the constant hustle to meet client demands, it’s easy think you just need to work harder and win more clients (or sell more product) to get ahead. The truth is, you could be maximizing your profits with minimal […]

Marketing Automation is Only the Beginning: Why We Heart ONTRAPORT

Finding a good software solution is a lot like finding true love. You wait your whole life for the right one to come along, and then BAM! Love at first sight. For Solutions 8, it was ONTRAPORT. Like us, ONTRAPORT comes from humble beginnings: a startup founded in a backyard yurt (yep, we said yurt. […]

Digital Marketing Trends for 2018: What You Should Be Excited About Now

Why should you be excited about digital marketing? Because when it gives you the results you’re looking for, it’s magic for your business; however, the formula for making the most out of your digital marketing strategies isn’t some mysterious, magical form of wizardry, but rather tested, proven equations you can adapt and personalize for your […]

How Solutions 8 Used Simplero to Create an LMS, Membership Platform, and Go Live with an Online Business in 90 Days

Imagine the benefits of a digital marketing platform tailor-made for your business—one that allows for complete member integration and incorporates decades of shared knowledge and best practices into user-friendly online courses. With the help of an innovative software tool called Simplero, Solutions 8 helped Nido Marketing do exactly that.   Meet Nido Marketing Nido Marketing […]

5 Reasons to Incorporate Google Trends into Your Content Creation Process

  Why You Should Be Using Google Trends to Build Better Content Google has been a trailblazer from the beginning, turning the traditional search engine on its head with rankings that focus on relevant content as opposed to the number of times a search term appears on a page. That’s a good thing because it […]

Email Marketing Metrics: What You Should Be Tracking and Why

Do you dare google it? Your fingers twitch before you type it. Who knows what can of proverbial worms this will crack open? “What metrics should my business track?” And—GAK!—there it is, exactly what you were dreading: a dizzying array of opinions from marketing gurus, E-commerce sites and…hey wait…did a precocious 7th grader write this […]
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