The Purpose of Internet Marketing and Social Media, Phoenix

“Alright, alright everybody. Let’s focus, it’s time to figure exactly what we gotta do with this whole social media, internet marketing craze in order to keep our company credible. Let’s start by trying to decide on the purpose of social media. Anyone have any sage words to offer?”

“I’ve heard that social media is used to talk about how cute your cats and babies are.”

“I like to use my social media accounts to vent about how much I hate the hot Phoenix weather.”

“You guys are crazy! Social media is all about posting pictures of the meals you cook every night.”

“Okay, okay! Does anyone have anything to say about social media in relation to business? As much as I care about your cats and dinners, I have a feeling there’s a bigger purpose to social media.”

“Well, don’t companies use sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to get as many likes, shares, fans and views as possible?”



Solutions 8’s Two Cents on Internet Marketing and Social Media, Phoenix

Exactly what the main purpose of social media sites is in internet marketing is hard to sum up, but we’ve found here at Solutions 8 in Phoenix is this: social media is all about creating, developing and maintaining relationships. While gathering fans and support on your accounts is an important piece of social media, it is far from everything. What your company needs in order to be truly competitive with internet marketing is gathering loyal customers and clients. This entails keeping them updated on the news of your business, sharing promotions, asking for and responding to feedback, posting pictures of the latest events with your company, and creating meaningful website content—all engaging your clients with your business, and why they should want to be a part of it and its products or services.


To make the most of your social media and internet marketing campaigns, the goal shouldn’t be to have the most popular site—instead, give your customers the information, resources, communication and reliability they want, which will lead to positive word of mouth, and therefore more likes and shares in the long run. For more information on what social media can do for your business, read our white paper on the wonderful world of social media.




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