Marketing Automation is Only the Beginning: Why We Heart ONTRAPORT

Finding a good software solution is a lot like finding true love. You wait your whole life for the right one to come along, and then BAM! Love at first sight. For Solutions 8, it was ONTRAPORT.

Like us, ONTRAPORT comes from humble beginnings: a startup founded in a backyard yurt (yep, we said yurt. how cool is that?) that grew, thanks to an amazing team of wildly talented and creative folks, into the rock-star company that it is today—with more awards than you can shake a stick at and a seemingly endless supply of untapped innovation.

But enough gushing. Let’s get down to brass tacks.


ONTRAPORT is an all-in-one business automation software that allows companies to automate the majority of their day-to-day processes all from a single platform and without having to rely on myriad different tools and applications.

It streamlines everything from employee onboarding and online billing to lead tracking and client and prospect communication—and at the heart of it all is Campaign Builder. With Campaign Builder businesses can build, customize, manage and track the performance of all online and offline marketing efforts and see results in real time. We know—whoa.

Why do we love it? Simplicity, first and foremost.

We started using ONTRAPORT because one of our clients had been using it. After building a few things out for them we were impressed by the simplicity and ease of use of the software; everything we needed to do we could easily figure out how to do. And because the automation suite is laid out so logically, there was a natural and effortless flow between one task to the next.

Not only that, but we no longer needed a multitude of different tools to get the job done. It was all right there—from building a campaign to managing leads to tracking results—in one simple, user-friendly tool. (Feeling the love yet?)

Working with ONTRAPORT and seeing the enormous potential it offered our clients got our wheels turning. We had been brainstorming ways to automate some of our processes here at Solutions 8 and thought, “Hey, we bet ONTRAPORT could work for us.” Looking back, that may have been the moment our eyes met across the room … figuratively, of course.

TFW the visual campaign builder pretty much blew our minds

Having established such a great relationship with the ONTRAPORT team, we took the plunge and decided to start with automating our intake process. Well, our Senior Strategist John Moran is really the one who did the plunging. In fact, he was able to develop a sequence for onboarding new clients in just a few hours. We’re gonna repeat that in case it didn’t sink in the first time: in just a few hours.

“The workflow builder is a game changer,” said John. “The ease of use, the intuitiveness—and mainly the ability to develop other assets within a sequence. With other marketing automation software this is a disconnected process.”

Using ONTRAPORT’s open API integration feature, Solutions 8 is able to customize all marketing automations regardless of client workflow or industry. Whether a process is needed to track phone calls from a PPC campaign or to automate shipping for a client, we’re able to completely customize our own fields for whatever we need.

“And the process is so seamless,” added John. “You do this and this happens. You want to change something? You go in and change it. Just one click and it’s done. And I can make changes right from my email so I’m saved the hassle of having to log in every time.”

Did we mention unparalleled service and support?

Now, “unparalleled” isn’t a word we toss around willy-nilly, but from the beginning ONTRAPORT has stood out in terms of support.

Their award-winning Customer Support team has more than earned their stars in our book. Not only are they there whenever we have a questions, but they are constantly coming up with new ways to simplify things for us (and no doubt other for folks too). These guys really know their stuff.

Four words: 96% customer satisfaction rate.

“It has made so many of the things we wanted to do POSSIBLE.”

That’s a direct quote from Solutions 8 CEO Founder and Chief Strategist Kasim Aslam—and really that about sums it up. ONTRAPORT is something we can all use. It empowers us as business owners and digital marketers because it is laid out well. With ONTRAPORT we have been able to completely automate our intake process, and we’ve seen improvements even from just a few months ago when we started.

How can Solutions 8 and ONTRAPORT help your business?

You’re definitely feeling the love now. So let’s make a connection and see how Solutions 8 and ONTRAPORT can simplify your marketing automation and take your business to a whole new level of awesome.

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