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Ad Specialist

When you apply, please make sure the subject of your email reads: “I actually read the instructions”

Who we are:

We are a group of hard core problem solving, custom code hacking, status-quo bucking, out-of-the-box thinking, genius digital gangsters breaking out the creative solutions with a vengeance and the passion of a thousand suns (covered in Tabasco sauce)…

More specifically, we are a top ranked Google Ads agency with a special focus on high-end Google Ads management, and we are the BEST at what we do! We’re headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona with team members across the globe.

We have a small team of 22 rock stars, all committed to working hard to make sure our clients are successful.

What we’re looking for:

We need a new Ad Specialist! This is a remote (work from home) position.

The foundation of our work is client relationships. We treat our clients like respected family members and it’s important to have the right people in the role of Ad Specialist.

Ad specialists will work closely with our Client Managers to strategize, build and optimize client campaigns to realize the campaigns’ full potential. Ad specialists will also help pinpoint areas of improvement and deliver solutions that drive high Road.

The ideal candidate:

Google Ads: Experience with Google Ads is required. Ad Specialists are expected to do the following: 
• Setup New Accounts
• Create, categorize and refine the keywords list
• Implement bidding strategies
• Monitor, revise and optimize ad text as needed
• Analyze, asses and optimize campaigns based on performance
• Provide feedback, recommendations and plans to improve campaign performance and strategy
• Communicate with Client Managers on status, timeline, budget and performance reporting

e-Commerce: Alot of our clients rely on us to create the best Smart Shopping campaigns for their e-Commerce businesses. Ad Specialists should also know the following:
• Set up Google Merchant Center
• Merchant Center disapproval resolution experience
• Shopping Feed creations
• Shopping Feed Optimizations
• Google Ads Conversion Tracking
• Google Analytics Conversion Tracking
• Google Tag Manager Experience
• Google Analytics Experience 

Strong understanding of Statistics – There is a set of views, clicks, click-through rates (CTRs), and conversions for each ad you run. You need to be able to interpret these effectively and use the data to make decisions.

Problem solving: The cardinal sin at our company is asking someone a question you could have solved yourself. We need people who are willing to “figure it out” and don’t mind rolling up their sleeves. That doesn’t mean we aren’t here to support you, we are. But only when you encounter a problem that you truly can’t solve. You’re expected to bring more to the table than expected and hurdle problems, not allow them to get in your way.

Ad Copywriting: As an Ad Specialist you need to get people to click on your advertisements. This implies that if they don’t work, you need to be comfortable writing calls-to-action and you need to be willing to tweak them. Developing ad copywriting skills includes learning how to deal with keywords, communicating with your target, and making sure your ad aligns with the landing page.

Successful Ad Specialist personality profile:

Motivated by competition and results. You are likely a skilled, pragmatic enforcer whose focus on achievement and success can help those around you accomplish goals. You speak directly and make decisions quickly. You like to take charge in a situation and explore worthwhile, effective solutions. Your determination and confidence make you a strong leader.
Important personality traits:  
• Persuasive
• Assertive
• Confident
• Direct 
• Attention to detail
• Analytical thinking 
What energizes you:
• Taking charge
• Ambitious goals
• Challenges
• Professional growth
• Competition & winning

Make sure you’re comfortable with:

• This is a remote position. You must be prepared and experienced with working from home and have access to a stable internet connection and quiet place to take calls.
• All roles are contract based (1099).
• All job offers start with a 60-day trial to make sure that we’re the right fit for each other.

Our values:

Truth: Everything we do requires a commitment to truth as the core principle and foundation of our company. We are data driven marketers, data is truth. If something isn’t working, we tell the client. If we make a mistake, we’re the first to bring it up and we own it. If we don’t know the answer to something, we admit it readily (and then work to figure it out!) If we disagree, we say so. Truth is the first and most important step to solving any problem.

Responsibility: How do we do more? How do we give more? How do we help each other? Responsibility requires us to constantly be looking for opportunities to go further. We don’t try to get out of work, we lean into it. You’ll never hear us say, “That’s not my job.” By being proactive with our skillset we place ourselves in a position to influence the world around us in a way that only those who understand true responsibility ever can.

Heart: It’s not enough to simply do. You also have to care. You have to care about your clients, your team mates, and yourself. You have to work like it matters, like what you’re doing means something. You need to know that you’re making an impact and understand that there are people relying on you to do what’s best for them. In some cases, these people wouldn’t know the difference which makes it even more important. We have been offered a sacred trust in helping people grow their business and so we treat their businesses as our own.

To apply:

If you’re interested, please submit the following:
• A link to your resume in PDF format with the following naming convention: [Lastname.Firstname.Ad-Specialist.pdf]
• Details of your client management & Google Ads management experience 
• Your answer to this question: if you were an animal, what animal would you be and why? 
• Your answer to this question: What does this quote mean to you personally? “Work is love made visible” – Khalil Gibran 

Submissions should go to: [email protected]  

I will be looking for people who can format their submission in a way that makes it easy for us to review. 

Thank you for your consideration and best of luck on your job search!
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