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  • Nutriganix

    Solutions 8 Turned $31,386 into $145,556 for Nutriganix Using Google Ads

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  • Spiritual Jewelry

    This Company Generated $20,375 and Nearly Tripled Their Revenue

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  • Suffolk Latch Co.

    Discover How Suffolk Latch Co. Turned a £14,550 Investment Into Over $2 Million in Revenue in 13 Months 

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  • Wholesale Agriculture Platform

    How an eCommerce Store Spent $12,604 and Made $2,080,189 in 30 Days Using Google Ads.

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  • Men’s Clothing

    This Clothing Company Spent $36,826 and Made $260,337 in Just 2 Months by Leveraging Google Ads!

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  • Montesorri Schools

    This Montesorri school is a premier private childcare and daycare provider located in Northern Virginia. Find out how Solutions 8 increased their qualified leads and hit their goals month over month.

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  • Mushroom Growing Supplies

    Find out how Solutions 8 scaled and maintained a 4X ROAS for this online store that specializes in selling products related to the study and cultivation of fungi, such as mushroom spores, growing kits, and cultivation equipment.

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  • Four Leaf Rover

    How This Pet Supplement Manufacturer Generated a $182,223 Revenue With a $32,286 Budget

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  • All Seasons Window

    The 60-Day Success Story: How a $40,111 Budget Catapulted Revenue to $350,000 with Google Ads

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  • PetMeds

    PetMeds is a publicly traded online pet medication distributor that serves millions of customers throughout the United States.

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  • SaaS

    Using these unique optimization strategies, our SaaS clients increased their conversions and reduced their trial’s churn rate.

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  • Heavenly Greens

    In this testimonial, we’ll share what Troy Scott recommends any company serious in growing and scaling their business to invest in the services Solutions 8’s services.

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  • Arizona-Based Septic Company

    Google’s shopping campaigns can scare advertisers away due to the added layers of complexity. However, ignore shopping campaigns at your peril….

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  • Particle

    Prior to working with Solutions 8, Particle was having difficulty tracking their conversions and therefore did not have adequate data to guide their o…

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  • Lexington Luggage

    Better Tracking, Higher Feed Quality, and Consistent ROAS: How Lexington Luggage Found their Ideal Google Marketing Partner in Solutions 8…

    ROAS: 1,000%

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  • Medical Device Manufacturer

    Medical Device Manufacturer Sees Significant Increase in ROAS from 2019-2020 after Implementing Google Ads and Smart Shopping Campaigns…

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  • Specialty Clothing

    Solutions 8 was hired by this specialty clothing retailer to assist with the launch of their new brand. Within two and a half weeks of launching the c…

    ROAS: 1,194%

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  • Specialty Jackets

    This apparel client has been in business for over 30 years and sells specialty jackets. They partnered with Solutions 8 to expand their reach and incr…

    ROAS: 1,675%

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  • Sporting Equipment

    This client offers hard-to-find sporting equipment and training aids for athletes. They partnered with Solutions 8 to boost their conversion rate and …

    ROAS: 839%

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  • Consumables

    This client manufactures and sells high-quality, locally sourced consumables and bath products. Since partnering with Solutions in October of 2019, th…

    ROAS: 665%

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  • Specialty Clothing Hats

    This client sells specialty hats, sunglasses, and apparel. Their return on ad spend may seem comparatively low at 227%, but in looking at their Top Co…

    ROAS: 462%

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  • Food Processing Equipment

    This client offers specialty food processing equipment and accessories. From March 1, 2020 through May 31, 2020—in just three short months—they sa…

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  • San Francisco Salt Company/Epsoak

    As the fastest-growing salt company in America, San Francisco Salt Company/Epsoak needed a Google Ads strategy that could keep pace with their rapidly…

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    Arizona Pain Treatment Centers (AZPTC) Marketing Director Calee Williams was tired of getting lip service from marketing agencies that promised the wo…

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  • Ballsy

    The California-based company quickly had their tracking issues solved and saw immediate improvement after partnering with Solutions 8….

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  • Recycled Firefighter

    Recycled Firefighter Boosted Their ROAS, Increased Brand Awareness, and Reached More Customers after Partnering with Solutions 8…

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  • Comfort One Shoes

    Comfort One Shoes Achieves Consistently Higher ROAS, Reaches More New Customers, and Boosts Interest in Proprietary Brands after Partnering with Solut…

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  • Innovative Health & Wellness

    After months of searching for an agency that would utilize his ad spend efficiently and deliver the results he wanted, Dr. Orlando of Innovative Health…

    Total Ad Spend: $21,459

    New Patient Leads: 200

    Average Patient Value: $1,500

    Total Revenue: $270,000

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  • AED Land

    Google’s shopping campaigns can scare advertisers away due to the added layers of complexity. However, ignore shopping campaigns at your peril….

    Total Ad Spend: $13,979

    Total Conversions: 829

    Average Patient Value: $193

    Total revenue: $160,212.00

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