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We Don't Run Ads. We Grow Businesses.

With a keen eye on your bottom line, Solutions 8 uses precise targeting and advanced optimizations to ensure your ads do more than just reach—they multiply, return, and grow your business.

Standing Out Isn't Optional, It’s Mandatory.

The digital marketing landscape is evolving at the speed of light. Your competitors are multiplying. 

And running ads is no longer enough to ensure visibility.

You need an advantage—something that cuts through the noise and strategically positions your business at the TOP of your prospects’ choice.

The Solutions 8 Difference

Instead of button-pushers, your campaigns are managed by industry thought leaders and experts.

  • Data-driven omnichannel approach

    Impacts ALL key touchpoints in your customers' sales journey

  • Proven growth strategies

    Tailored to match your unique business needs

  • Comprehensive solutions

    Everything you need to get profitable and sustainable results

We've Helped Clients Earn $300M+

Our clients range from microbrands to publicly traded companies

What Our Clients Are Saying

4.9 out of 5.0 based on 84 reviews

Services That Support Your Marketing Campaigns and Drive Revenue

We offer a wide range of digital marketing services to accelerate your business growth.

From Discovery To Ascension

The 6-Phase Framework for Success

Discover and research

We gather information from you through our detailed onboarding process and access request forms. 

Campaign build

Our technical team sets up conversion tracking and begins building your campaigns. 

Pre-launch review

Our expert ad strategists meet with you to review your campaigns prior to launch. 

Learning period

We observe, analyze, and understand patterns to know what’s working (and what’s not).

Campaign optimization

We make all of the improvements necessary to ensure a successful campaign. 

Scale and ascension

We look for more opportunities to maximize profitability, while taking into account competition, seasonality, and promotions. 

Increased Revenue Growth

No more wasted ad spend. We help you scale profits, not costs.

  • Get maximum return on every dollar you spend through efficient budget allocation, ad spend optimization, and performance tracking

  • Target high-intent audiences that generate more sales and revenue

  • Run highly profitable campaigns that drive sustainable growth in online sales and lead acquisition

Enhanced Visibility And Conversions

We integrate your marketing channels and make them work toward your goals.

  • Increase brand awareness and capture more traffic across multiple platforms

  • Execute data-driven strategies that improve lead quality and conversion rates

  • Maximize your ROI with disruptive and engaging marketing messages

Robust Metrics and Reporting

We help you make effective optimizations and informed decisions

  • In addition to tracking ROAS, we track metrics that actually move the needle—LTV, media efficiency ratio (MER), new customer acquisition and sales, annual AOV, and more

  • Transparent processes and clear reporting with real-time visibility into campaign performance

  • Understand the impact of your marketing efforts, and see how the results align with your business goals

Level Up Your Marketing. Hit Your Goals.

Get a 1:1 consultation to discover growth opportunities that impact your bottom line. No cost. No commitment.

Learn How Our Clients Are Crushing It Like Never Before

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Real Clients, Real Results

Read actual Google Ads case studies from our 200+ (and growing) client roster. Just imagine what we can do for your business!

Numbers Don't Lie...

On average, we evaluate 285 applicants for every specialist hired, which puts Solutions 8 specialists in the top 0.35% of the available talent pool.


Yearly Ad Spend


Years in Business


Satisfied Clients

Where We Lead, Other Agencies Follow

As a globally recognized paid traffic and digital marketing agency, Solutions 8 always tries to give back and bring up the industry as a whole. We share our latest findings, proven strategies, and internal processes with everyone who is willing to listenso agencies, entrepreneurs, and marketers all reap the benefits.

Meet YOUR Dream Team

Every member of the Solutions 8 team is fully invested in helping our clients grow and thrive. We take a genuine interest in your success, and our expert client managers, account managers, strategists, and specialists manage every aspect of your digital marketing campaigns. Communication is always prompt and clear, and issues are identified and resolved in a timely manner.

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