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Who is Solutions 8?

There are countless digital marketing agencies out there vying for your attention—so why us? It’s simple, really: Nobody works as hard as we do to help our clients shine.

Our Values Have Never Wavered

For nearly two decades, Solutions 8 has remained committed to its core values. Our mission as an agency has always been to be a leader where others follow, and to propel our clients toward growth through innovative digital marketing solutions.



We are constantly asking ourselves: How can we help each other? How can we give more? How can we do better? Being a leader means we have a responsibility to be a positive influence on our clients, our peers, and our industry as a whole. We lean into that responsibility and never shy away from hard work.



We are data-driven marketers, and data is truth. If we make a mistake, we own it. If we don’t know an answer, we admit it (and work like heck to figure it out). Truth is the first and most crucial step toward solving any problem—and the foundation for every action we take at Solutions 8. 



Kindness and compassion are the hallmarks of true leadership. Because we care about one another and the world around us, our team members can’t help but treat your business as if it were our own. We approach every new challenge with our whole heart, never taking for granted the trust our clients put in our abilities.

Kasim Aslam, Founder and CEO of Solutions 8

How It All Began

In 2006, the seed that would one day grow into Solutions 8 was planted by lifelong marketer and entrepreneur, Kasim Aslam​.

It promptly burned to the ground in the financial collapse a year later. 

But from those charred ruins, a new vision took shape. Following a merger and eventual buyout, the one-man web development operation evolved into a full-funnel marketing agency. 

Months passed, and Kasim began to outperform his competitors. Leads were flowing, business was booming, and his clients (primarily small and medium-sized business owners) enjoyed increasingly more traffic because of his digital marketing mastery.

Solutions 8 had become a success—and Kasim was in over his head.

John Moran, Chief Strategist of Solutions 8

(Re)Enter: John Moran.

Once Kasim’s most challenging client, John possessed an absurd work ethic, a sharp technical mind, and a contrary (yet likable) demeanor that made him the perfect business partner for a steadily growing agency. 

After months of pestering, Kasim convinced John to join the ranks. 

Initially, John observed that the most successful clients were those who committed to Google Ads, prompting Solutions 8 to niche down and narrow its focus.

More recently, he predicted a shift in the industry wherein the paid traffic ecosystem would become progressively more complex, ultimately encompassing all points of the digital marketing sphere.

That shift would usher in a new era of Solutions 8 excellence: the return of the full-funnel digital marketing agency.

Solutions 8 is the top ranked Google Ads agency

Paid Traffic Experts (+ So Much More)

Becoming the #1 Google Ads agency was a pivotal chapter in the Solutions 8 story—but that story is only just beginning

Not to worry; we’re still the Google Ads experts that launched an explosive YouTube movement by openly sharing everything we know about building and managing wildly successful paid traffic campaigns. 

Only these days, we’re also your go-to partner for Meta Ads, Amazon Ads, email marketing, automation services, and so much more. 

But one thing that will never change? Every single member of our team is fully invested in helping your business grow and thrive. 

Whether through hands-on account management, knowledge sharing, or simply being there to help when our clients have questions, Solutions 8 is your partner in digital marketing excellence.

Our clients choose us for a reason

Being ranked one of the top Google Ads agencies in the world means we care about delivering results to our clients.

Certified Google Premier Partners
Top 50 Digital Marketing Thought Leaders
PPC Certified Agency
Solutions 8 - Best PPC Agency in Scottsdale 2022
Expertise.com’s “Top Ten Agency” For Four Years & Counting!
Ranked in Clutch’s Top 10 PPC Agencies in Arizona 2022
DigitalMarketer Certified Google Partners
GoHighLevel.com Google Ads Consulting Partner

Our Client-First Strategy

Weekly Account Reviews

For Solutions 8 PPC clients, our dedicated account managers and specialists conduct thorough weekly reviews to ensure we are meeting performance goals and optimizing as necessary.

Client Manager Checklist

Specialist Checklist

Leading with Experience

On average, it takes 285 applicants for every specialist hired. This puts Solutions 8 specialists in the top 0.35% of the available talent pool. 

18 Years in business
We have worked with thousands of companies in myriad industries
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The Team Behind The Scenes

We are a group of hard-core problem solving, custom code hacking, status-quo bucking, out-of the-box thinking, genius digital gangsters breaking out the creative solutions with a vengeance and the passion of a thousand suns (covered in Tabasco sauce)…

We Believe Communication Is Key

It’s been said that communication works for those who work at it—and we couldn’t agree more. Every Friday, our entire team attends a collaborative town hall meeting to check in, share updates, celebrate wins, and brainstorm solutions. On top of that, each department has its own daily or weekly meetings to ensure we continue to meet and exceed our clients’ needs.

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