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Empower Your Business Strategy

Are you ready to elevate your business strategy? We’re thrilled to introduce our expert team of Strategists, each equipped with a unique set of skills to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities in your industry.

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Google Ads Consultation

Do you have in-depth questions about your Google Ads campaigns or overall account performance? Book an hour with one of our top Strategists and get the answers you seek—plus proven strategies and expert tips from the best in the biz.

Colby Doyle

Colby Doyle

Former performance marketing director at ZGM – one of the largest independent agencies in Western Canada. 5+ years of experience in digital marketing – focused on growing real metrics that impact your bottom line. Manage over $1M of ad spend monthly.

Usama Khan

Hello, I’m Usama, a seasoned Google Ads Expert with over five years of experience in ad management. Entrusted with overseeing more than a million dollars in ad spend each month, my primary focus is on driving growth for your business. I prioritize not just the execution of campaigns, but also the precise measurement of their impact to ensure our efforts contribute meaningfully to your success. With my expertise, I’m dedicated to optimizing your digital advertising strategy for maximum effectiveness

Dean Largaespada

Dean Largaespada

Hi, I’m Dean, a Google Ads Expert with over 4 years experience and a solid track record managing over millions of dollars in ad spend. I’ve successfully transformed industries such as Education, Furniture, Apparel, Pet Supplements, and Online Courses. I focus on delivering tangible results by crafting strategic campaigns tailored to your unique business goals. Whether you’re looking to boost eCommerce sales, improve conversion rates, or master lead generation, I’ve got the experience to drive meaningful impact. Fluent in both English and Spanish, I offer a bilingual advantage, catering to both North American and Latin American markets. Let’s connect and explore how my Google Ads expertise can propel your business to new heights.

Onkar Indalkar

Onkar Indalkar

Hello! I’m Onkar, a CXL-certified Google Ads Expert. Passionate about helping SMBs with their Google Ads. Over 4+ years of experience in PPC. In addition, I’m enhancing my expertise in other marketing channels to assist clients in their omnichannel efforts. I focus on scaling revenue and MER and not on getting a pretty ROAS. My proven strategies & system have helped SMBs & million-dollar businesses save thousands of dollars by strategically reallocating spend, CRO & pinpointing where you can get better results.

Meet YOUR Dream Team

Every member of the Solutions 8 team is fully invested in helping our clients grow and thrive. We take a genuine interest in your success, and our expert client managers, account managers, strategists, and specialists manage every aspect of your digital marketing campaigns. Communication is always prompt and clear, and issues are identified and resolved in a timely manner.

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