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Finding and retaining the right talent can sometimes be an agonizing experience. But not anymore.

To save you time, money, and headaches, we’ve compiled a list of vetted people and companies we’ve worked with.

None of these are affiliate links. A lot of these are competitors

But all of them are people, products, and companies we trust.

They are world authorities in their industries with years of experience and proven results. 

Our goal is to help you find the right peoplestrategic partners who can catapult your business to the next level.

Digital Marketing and Advertising

Tier Eleven is known as the “Anti-Ad” marketing agency that focuses on finding the root causes of underperforming acquisition strategies, and provides end-to-end diagnosis of your entire Customer Acquisition Path. 


These are things like Facebook Ads, conversion architecture, funnel development, multi-channel campaigns and more. 


If you’re looking for a big agency that understands the business aspects and psychology of marketing far beyond what most agencies do, Tier 11 should be your first choicethey’ll help you amplify your business.

Conlink Media is a digital marketing agency that provides consulting and marketing services for all stages of your funnel. 


They offer web design and development, SEO, paid ads, and Facebook management. 


Increase your organic traffic, get qualified leads, and grow your monthly sales.

Jumpstart Marketing specializes in offering project-based marketing support for business owners. 


They craft effective marketing messages aligned with your brand and business goals. 


If you’re a small business owner struggling to put all your marketing pieces together, Jumpstart Marketing helps you organize all your ideas and build the right strategies, marketing assets, and robust business plans to scale your business.

Persuasion Experience is a funnel & conversion agency that helps business owners generate predictable leads and sales on autopilot. 


Through their PX System, they’ll help you map out every single touch point people have with your business so you can unlock new channels, get more qualified leads, and ultimately boost your conversions. Get your free online presence review today!

Sparx360 helps small businesses, nonprofits, and associations to generate ROI from their marketing investments by simplifying their marketing process and generating sales. 


They offer story-based marketing and sales funnel optimization for lead generation and email marketing.

Fundamental Marketing helps small business owners optimize their email performance by improving email deliverability, applying best practices in email marketing, and building robust email automation.

AdmexTech is a full-stack digital marketing company that offers Google Ads management, Facebook and Instagram Ads strategy, and content creation services.

If you’re looking to drive higher ROI using the best technologies, look no further. 


Keyness Digital is a full service digital advertising agency that focuses on data-driven programmatic advertising for all brands and agencies.

JOZA Marketing helps business owners, coaches, and consultants double their revenues in less than a year with proven and customized marketing strategies, ready-made sales funnels, and ads that generate profit.

Elite Brands is a company that builds out your complete email marketing system.

We’re talking email design and copywriting, flow management, scheduling, timings and triggers, list segmentation and list growthand a lot more. It’s the perfect solution for eCommerce businesses who want to get more new customers, increase their customer retention rates, and scale!


Our former client manager at Solutions 8 and now the founder of Schmelebeck PPC, Collin Schmelebeck helps eCommerce and SaaS brands grow and scale their business with Google Ads. 


If you’re looking for a proven Google Ads management service with a more “personal touch”, get a free live audit and strategy call with Collin now.

Posirank helps agencies, business owners, and resellers grow their brand online through Smart SEO, Content & PPC management. 


Their own team of SEO and PPC veterans will plan, strategize, implement and manage your entire campaigns month over month.

Invisible PPC is the world’s largest 100% white label PPC service that helps agencies grow and scale through their done-for-you services and PPC agency training programs.

Half Price PPC provides full service PPC management services across Google, Bing, and Facebook. 


You can even choose their a la carte services to pay for only what you usesave money without sacrificing account quality and results.


Simple Tiger is a SaaS SEO agency. Need to get qualified traffic that converts? Simple Tiger helps SaaS companies increase their organic traffic, ranking position, and gets more users for their product. 


They also offer paid advertising and content marketing services. 


Whether you’re looking to get ranked on search engines organically or through ads, Simple Tiger can help you get there fast.

If you want your business to be found on the internet organically, Michael is your guy. 


He specializes in technical organic SEO services with a key focus on optimizing your website for sales conversion.

Aaron Moore provides full-service Amazon services, from store creation to SEO Listing optimization, with a special focus on Amazon ads to maximize exposure for your products


Northbeam helps eCommerce businesses that use omni-channels and want to track/attribute conversions that Google Ads and Analytics can’t. 


Before we were early-stage investors of this company, we were users first. And we used Northbeam to track richer data sets and more reliable, more accurate insights for ecommerce intelligence.


If you want to increase your revenue through deep insights and effective analytics, get Northbeam.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising

If you’re looking for a social media expert who literally knows every social media platform by heart, you need Rachel. 


She’s known as the ‘Queen of Social Media’ and has helped managers, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs leverage social media to grow their business.

Viewability is an agency specializing in YouTube Ads. 


They offer both done-for-you and done-with-you services so you can create the perfect video ads to scale and grow your business with YouTube.

AVNI Lab is a paid traffic agency that specializes in Meta | Facebook & Instagram, and Tik Tok advertising, with creative design & editing services.  


They pride themselves in making sure each client is well taken care of through highly knowledgeable & experienced media buyers, clear communication, attention to each account, and reporting, while getting the best possible results.  


At AVNI Lab you get big agency experience with boutique agency personability & pricing.

Rachel Miller offers in-depth strategy sessions and team training on how to organically grow your audience through social media. 


She’s best known for “viral funneling” which not only helps you increase your reach but also amplifies engagementboth play a huge part in the organic growth of your business.

Global ROAS is a social media marketing agency that helps businesses grow through Paid Social Advertising. 


Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Linkedin Ads, they only have one goal: to drive traffic that will convert into potential customers. 

Visit their website to find out more about their services today!

Coaching / Courses / Community

SF Digital Studios offers digital marketing services for small, medium, and large businesses. 


They primarily focus on Google Ads but they also provide web design, video marketing/production, and photography services. Plus, they offer Google Ads coaching to marketers and entrepreneurs. 


Whether you want to position your business in front of your target audience or you want to get better at Google Ads, Uzair Kharawala is one of our trusted friends who can help you.

One of the world’s top two geniuses in Google Ads is Ed Leake. He created God Tier Adsthe ultimate PPC Framework. 



It’s a no-fluff, step-by-step guide on how to build and optimize high performing Google Ads accounts. We use his PPC framework as one of our go-to references in setting up and running successful Google Ad campaigns all the time. 



Need streamlined PPC checklists, Google Ad playbooks, and proven PPC frameworks that make you money? Get God Tier Ads.

DigitalMarketer is the place where pro digital marketers are born. 


They created the world’s best digital marketing courses. In fact, we don’t let any new member of our team start working until they’ve gone through Digitalmarketer.com’s courses. 


They also offer certifications, workshops, coaching and community. 


Want to become a digital marketing expert? Get DigitalMarketer’s courses.

Smart Marketer provides on-demand training on how to use the most popular digital channels to grow any business. 


From coaching and masterminds to live mentorship programs (for your social media manager, email marketing specialist, and media buyer), Ezra Firestone and Molly Pittmantogether with their awesome teambring you all the resources you need to grow your brand the “Smart Way.”

Forge is Ed Leake’s exclusive community for PPC agency owners and practitioners. 


Inside, you’ll find ongoing support like coaching, tailored training, and video workshops. Plus you’ll get direct access to Ed Leake and other like-minded professionals in the PPC industry. 


If you’re looking for a private membership group for PPC growth, this is the place to be.

Ad Outreach helps entrepreneurs & marketers harness the power of YouTube Ads to grow and scale their businesses. 


They offer training for ad, webinars, and organic videos for 6-7 figure business owners who want to leverage the power of YouTube.

MeasurementMarketing.io offers training programs, certifications, and done-for-you services for marketers and business owners who want to truly know their numbers and measure their marketing success. 


Avoid gut-based decisions and start knowing your real numbers to measure accurate ROI from different marketing channels.


BGS (Build-Grow-Scale) is the #1 community for eCompreneurs who want to grow and scale their eCommerce stores. 


They offer everything from training, resources, tools, and coaching specifically for 7-figure eCommerce businesses or established eCommerce stores spending 5 figures per month on paid advertising. 


Access their workshops, business accelerator, and done-for-you services by visiting their website today.

Web Development/Design

Genetech Solutions is a company that offers custom software development, mobile app development, cyber security, web design and development, and offshore resource augmentationjust to name a few. 



If you’re looking for not only Tech assassins but also strategic partners focused on meeting customers’ expectations, Genetech Solutions won’t let you down.

Jeronamo Digital Solutions creates beautiful and fully optimized websites that drive traffic and convert customers. 


They also offer value-driven inbound marketing packages that let you choose only the services you need, giving you more flexibility and freedom to make the most out of your budget.

Yigit Can Derya is a freelancer who works wonders with WordPress. From technical strategy to web development, art direction, UX design and launch planning, creating a user-friendly website has never been easy. 


If you need a fast and awesome website that converts, put Yigit Canderya on your checklist. 

Save IT in Ukraine is an initiative to support Ukrainian IT specialists affected by the Ukrainian-Russian war by providing employment opportunities.


Already, Save IT in Ukraine has over ten developers and a waitlist of talented specialists ready to provide their expertise. Every new project helps keep Ukrainian professionals employed and bring tax income to the Ukrainian economy.


Services include web development, blockchain projects, mobile apps, custom build softwares, and much more.


Why hire them? Not only are these IT professionals experts in their field who provide high quality services—but you are also helping individuals get back to their normal life.


Check out their website today.

Creative Media (video / photo / design / podcast)

Video Case Story is a company that turns boring testimonials into RAD video case stories. 


They helped us create our video testimonials. 


Want to drive traffic, engage more visitors, and convert your users by sharing your customers’ and clients’ story and experience? Check them out.

What happens when you cross creative storytelling with humor that connects with your audience? You get ads that run viral and make you money. 


Harmon Brothers produces mind-blowing video campaigns that help build your brand, boost your sales, and scale your business.

Amplomedia harnesses the power of visual storytelling to create engaging animated and live-action videos that move your audience into action. 


Their conversion marketing helps you attract more visitors and converts them into paying customers, without changing your sales process. 


In other words, they deliver you more customers. Period.

Whether you need to outsource designers or scale your creatives, No Limit Creatives helps you leverage your video and graphics and produce high-converting creatives for your business.

Create affordable videos at scale for eCommerce brands. 


Billo creates custom-made video ads, testimonials, how-to, and 360 eCom videos. Increase your revenue with powerful authentic videos today.

Do you want high converting video ads that generate buzz around your product? 


Trendzi picks the top 4% of creators and trains them further to produce videos that not only connect with your audience but also drive engagement and revenue for your business. 

Want to reduce the time your prospects spend in their buying decision? 


Room4 Media provides inbound marketing, paid advertising, and video production solutions to strategically craft content that moves your users further into the buyer’s journey. 


Through their custom made and personalized digital marketing campaigns, they’ll help you grow your audience, inspiring them to take the right action that achieve your business goals.

Storycrews is a platform that allows you to search videographers by specialty or location. 


It matches the perfect video team for your business at no cost. 


Check out their website and find the perfect videographer, video editor, and video strategist in your area now.

Innova Digital is a content agency that helps small businessesbrands, agencies and digital marketerscreate badass content for video and photo. 



They also offer marketing strategy, advertising, and consulting services for eCommerce. 



If you want to produce photos and videos that deliver great customer-centered experiences, Innova Digital does both.

Ad Angles is a company that creates custom ad images, ad videos, and provides ad management services for small to medium sized businesses. 


By producing conversion-focused and stunning ad creatives, you’ll get profitable ad campaigns that don’t bankrupt your company. 


Plus, you’ll get access to the largest professionally curated Ads Library across various industries to draw inspiration from.

Need creative videos that stand out? Speeding Films is all about producing attention-grabbing and effective video content FAST. 


Why wait tomorrow if you can get your content today? From script to screen, Speeding Films takes care of everything you need to create faster, better, and high-quality videos for any digital platform.

B-Roll Video Productions is a company that offers ENG, EFP & video post production services. 


From marketing and promotional videos to broadcast TV commercials and long form documentary, they’re ready to craft any type of video for your business. 


Browse their services and find out how they can help you today.

Upper One Studios is a full service creative media production company. 


They produce high-quality and revenue-generating videos, graphics, websites, and marketing campaignsfrom concept to creation. 



If you want to make media work alongside marketing for your business at cost-effective pricing, Upper One Studios is right up your alley.

Shortcut Media Podcast Outreach helps you land podcast interviews with the top influencers in your niche. 


Dan Viteri helped Kasim hunt down new prospects and find opportunities through podcasting. 


If you want to increase your brand awareness, expand your network, generate leads, and accelerate your business through podcasts, get their podcast outreach services today.

Consulting / Franchising

Nick Dennis is a consultant who helps business owners manage their data and automate processes using one powerful platformAirtable. 



If you want to learn how to simplify your business, automate tasks, and make business management a lot easier, contact Nick for a free consultation.

Franchise Secrets is a company that helps people buy, grow, and sell franchises. 


Whether you’re just starting out in the franchise industry or looking to expand your franchising opportunities, Erik Van Horn can help you get your business to the next level.


Social Lite helps eCommerce businesses generate leads and customers through integrated digital strategies and campaigns. 


They have teams dedicated to scaling your revenue by leveraging digital marketing channels, analytics, and multimedia (photography, video, graphics.) 


Want to grow your Shopify store? Social Lite will help you scale it.

ClearCo is the world’s largest eCommerce investor. 


They help business founders get fast and affordable funding for their financial needs. 


They also offer data-driven insights to help you understand key metrics and aspects of your business.

OMG eCommerce is a world-class eCommerce marketing and advertising agency. 


Known for their Accelerated Marketing Portfolio (AMP) framework, they build, measure, and manage your digital marketing channelsGoogle, YouTube, Amazon, Facebook.

Tools and Platforms

Data Feed Management can be daunting and time-consuming. We use DataFeedWatch to optimize and automate our data feed and increase our clients’ conversion rates. 


If you’re an eCommerce business running paid ads, this tool is a no-brainer. 


Automate data feed optimization, get product-level analytics, and boost your sales with DataFeedWatch.

CallTrackingMetrics is a robust all-in-one call management tool we use at Solutions 8 to track and record all incoming calls from paid ads and attribute those calls to their keyword levelhelping us optimize our clients’ campaigns, increase conversions, and lower our cost per acquisition. 



Simply put, it’s the best tool for tracking, analyzing, and managing inbound phone calls.

We wouldn’t have created the world’s greatest onboarding process without the help of this software. 



Tallyfy is a workflow and process management platform that automates tasks between coworkers and clientsfrom your workflows, forms, processes, approvals and even documents. 



If you want to create better systems and workflows, get Tallyfy.

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one marketing and sales CRM for marketers and agencies. 


It helps you create and manage email and SMS marketing, membership area, website builder, booking and appointments, CRM and pipeline management, tracking and analytics, to sales funnels, and more. 


This platform offers you all the tools, support and resources you need to succeed with your agency. 

Tawk.to is a communication platform that provides live chat, website monitoring, and knowledge base to help you easily respond to customers’ inquiries before they buy. 


The best part? It’s free. FOREVER.

Drive brand growth and build customer loyalty with user-generated reviews and loyalty rewards? 


That’s what Stamped is all about. It’s an AI-powered review management software for eCommerce businesses. 


If you want to enhance your credibility and accelerate the growth of your eCommerce business, get Stamped.

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