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Expand and Scale Your Business with Premier Google Ads Services

Simple, transparent pricing
Simple, transparent pricing
No long-term contracts
No long-term contracts
Complete ownership and control of your account
Complete ownership and control of your account

At Solutions 8, You Get Maximum Return on Every Dollar You Spend

Profit-First Campaigns
Everything we do is directed toward one goal: To make you MORE money.  Our team uses proven SOPs and strategies to make sure your campaign becomes profitable and ready for scaling.
Dedicated Team
We hire and train only the best of the best. That means you get your own team of Google Ads experts which includes a dedicated client manager, specialist (and a back-up specialist), strategist, data analyst, call quality analyst, and ad copywriter.
Thorough Onboarding and Client Management Process
Know exactly what’s happening in your account, what we’re doing on our end, and what results to expect. Our account management process includes continuous account reviews and check-ins (daily, weekly, and monthly) so you’ll never be left in the dark.
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Certified Google Premier Partners
Being among the top 3% of agencies worldwide means we know what we’re doing. We follow Google Ads’ best practices and effective strategies. The outcome? Deadlines are met, campaigns are well-optimized, and your goals are reached.
Complete Strategy and Setup
From Google Ads account creation and restructure to advanced bid management – with real-time tracking and campaign monitoring… We’ll take care of everything you need to produce consistent high-performing results.
Cost-Effective Fees
Other premier agencies charge 35% of ad spend and more. Among the best, we’re the most affordable. Plus, no hourly billing, no long-term contracts, and you retain full ownership of all applicable intellectual property.

The Solutions 8 Difference

Instead of button-pushers, your campaigns are managed by industry thought leaders and experts.

  • Data-driven omnichannel approach

    Impacts ALL key touchpoints in your customers' sales journey

  • Proven growth strategies

    Tailored to match your unique business needs

  • Comprehensive solutions

    Everything you need to get profitable and sustainable results

Client Referral Program

Know someone who needs Google Ads services? Partner with us and get paid for every prospective client you refer.

It’s simple and straightforward. Just refer at least 3 clients within a 12-month period and you’ll get 10% for every prospective client.

You Make an Introduction
You Make an Introduction
If you’re a Solutions 8 client, all you have to do is send an email introducing us to a new, prospective client. We’ll make a note in our database that you made the referral.
You Get Paid
You Get Paid
Once your referral signs on as a Solutions 8 client, you’ll receive a 10% commission off their monthly payments for the first twelve months. When they pay, you get paid.
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