Solutions 8 White Label Fulfillment

Grow Your Agency and Provide Added Value for Your Clients with Premium Google Ads Services

As an agency, you want to provide your clients with a full range of tools and services designed to help them grow and scale. But the digital marketing landscape is vast, and you may not have the staff or the resources to offer help with every aspect of their online growth strategy.

Enter Solutions 8. 

We specialize in Google Ads so you don't have to.

Our team of highly trained Google Ads experts can save you time and money with a full range of white label fulfillment services, from new client onboarding to campaign creation, launch, and optimization. In other words, we do all the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

Simply resell our Google Ads services under your agency name and logo, and we handle the rest. We take superior care of your clients just like we would our own clients so you can focus on what you do best.  

How does a Solutions 8 white label partnership work?

Think of it this way: Our primary job is white label fulfillment, meaning we do nearly everything except connect with the client. Solutions 8 will handle all the behind-the-scenes work of building, launching, and managing your clients' Google Ads campaigns, but we count on you to manage the client relationship (i.e., all client-facing interactions).

As an example, we won't use company-branded emails ([email protected]) or add ourselves to any project management utilities you may be using. However, we can add our names to your Slack channel to facilitate communication if you so choose.

And, although we do not initiate any contact with the client, we are more than happy to hop on a call (on a first-name basis only) should you need a little backup. It will be your responsibility to drive the call, but a Solutions 8 team member can be there to answer questions as needed.

Ready to get started?  

Solutions 8 requires a 90-day minimum commitment for all new clients.

Why? Because, it takes roughly that long to make Google Ads to work.  

When you've been doing this as long as we have, you understand that it takes time for a Google Ads campaign to gain momentum, and the three-month mark seems to be the magic number. After that, Solutions 8 pricing is month to month for the life of the campaign, but you can always choose to hold your clients to a longer contract if that fits better with your business model.  

We have developed a highly successful campaign launch timeline.

It consists of six key phases, and each one is critical to building a high-performing campaign. 

Phase 1 begins with a detailed onboarding form (more on this below), which we use to gather all of the necessary information about your client, their unique brand, and their marketing goals. From there, our technical team gets to work on Phase 2, which involves setting up their Google Ads campaign and establishing tracking.  

After about 10 to 12 days, Solutions 8 will provide a video overview of your client's campaign status; this is Phase 3 of the launch process. The client can make changes at this time, but they will need to give their approval before the Solutions 8 team can move on to the next phase.  

After that, we go live and enter Phase 4, during which we observe campaign performance and narrow in on what's working and what isn't. From there, we can move on to Phase 5 (campaign optimization), where we make the necessary improvements to ensure success.  

This all happens in those first critical 90 days and brings us to Phase 6 (ongoing), during which we are continually exploring new opportunities to maximize profitability while taking into account things like competition, seasonality, and planned promotions. 

White label partners get 10% off of our retail prices.

At Solutions 8, we believe in the power of collaborative partnerships and have structured our pricing accordingly. As a white label partner, you will receive 10% off of our retail price. In an industry where 20% margins are considered the high water mark, this effectively makes us 50/50 partners.  

However, you may choose to charge more than our set pricing structure, thereby upselling Solutions 8 and increasing your profit margin. This is entirely up to you. 

Our automated onboarding process is second to none.

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but after more than a decade of creating and managing high-performing Google Ads campaigns, we really know what we're doing. Our automated onboarding system is 100% white label, meaning you don't need to purchase any additional software and can seamlessly roll into our existing system. 

The streamlined process allows us to quickly and efficiently gather all the necessary information from your clients, including getting access to their various properties. That access is attained completely through your branded Google manager account (more on this below) so the only agency name your clients see is yours.

Along with Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics, Solutions 8 may also require access to Google Merchant Center (for eCommerce clients), Google My Business (for local clients), as well as website and Shopify access. If your clients do not have the required accounts set up, we are happy to create them.  

We even build the onboarding portal for you.

Our white label partners will have their own form on our website (, which they use to provide us with new client information. The form is very simple and tells us: 

✓ Client name and contact information 
✓ What pricing plan they are on 
○ Again, your pricing plans for your clients can be whatever you decide, but you are still responsible for paying Solutions 8 our retail minus 10%.
✓ Campaign type
○ eCommerce campaigns are built to drive purchase traffic to an eCommerce-enabled website. Any client selling physical products with a shopping cart is an eCommerce client. If a client sells digital products, such as SaaS products, it is only an eCommerce client if there are more than a handful of products. (Keep in mind that eCommerce campaigns have a $1,000 startup fee, and you can either shoulder that cost or pass it along to your clients.)
○ Lead generation campaigns are built to generate customer inquiries.  
✓ Target ad spend
○ We recommend your clients start with the lowest amount that is viable for their business. Typically, we find that a broader, "bottom up" approach to ad spend is a better option than a "top down" approach because it provides a lot more usable information on the front end that we can apply to improve campaign performance over time.   
✓ Any special arrangements
✓ Client goals
○ This is a big one. We always want to optimize to a definitive goal, and that goal needs to be within reasonable expectations. It will be your responsibility to manage your clients' expectations with regard to campaign goals and to hold them accountable to their chosen goals. Encourage them to be as specific as possible in the beginning when deciding upon their goals. As a rule, Solutions 8 does not focus on vanity metrics because they provide no actionable value.
✓ Whether or not we have created an action plan for them
✓ What caused them to look for an agency (or switch agencies)

We will also help you create your Google manager account.

Agencies managing multiple Google Ads accounts are required by Google to have a manager account. We can help you create your manager account so that you can leverage the myriad tools and software solutions owned by Solutions 8, including DataFeedWatch for eCommerce applications. This results in significant cost savings for our white label partners. 

One exception, however, is CallTrackingMetrics (CTM)—which we strongly recommend for businesses that interact with leads over the phone. The platform allows us to track and record phone calls for your clients to provide better lead intelligence, and Solutions 8 is one of the few agencies that listens to every single call and scores them manually.  

Because CTM does not allow us to white label the email notifications, we recommend getting an agency subscription ($100 monthly).  

We do everything necessary to take a campaign live.

The Solutions 8 team installs all of the necessary codes, creates all tracking, creates all campaign collateral, and composes all ads and ad copy, with the exception of custom video and graphics creation. We can, however, create template videos if requested by your clients.

With regard to ad creation, Solutions 8 is a data-driven agency, meaning we look at the competitive ecosystem to see what ads are performing the best and use that information to create a highly successful Google Ads campaign for your clients. That said, if a client is looking for an ultra-creative agency, we may not be the best fit.  

A word about website maintenance.

Because website maintenance does not fall within our scope of work, Solutions 8 strongly recommends encouraging your clients to handle all website work themselves. While we will install tracking codes on a website as a courtesy, if a client has a website that is too complex, confusing, or poorly built, they will likely need to take care of it on their end.

Not to worry, though. Our team will provide very detailed instructions about what we need your clients to do. We also offer conversion rate optimization (CRO) recommendations; these are minor changes to a website that will improve its overall performance.  

Once a campaign is live, we send reports on the 15th of every month.

These reports will be branded with your name and logo so you can forward them directly on to your clients. 

Why did we choose the 15th of each month? In a nutshell, agencies that send out reports too early risk giving the client an incomplete picture of their campaign performance.

For example, if you wanted to review campaign performance for all of July, a report from the end of July or even the beginning of August won't show the whole picture. In fact, as much as 30% of your client's data may not be available yet, so the numbers are not accurate. Waiting until the 15th of the following month to send out the previous month's report enables clients to see a true picture of campaign performance.

(Want to learn more? We made this helpful video about delayed attribution and how it impacts reporting in Google Ads.)  

We fully support our white label partners during the sales process.

Solutions 8 is happy to provide a free action plan for anyone currently running a Google Ads campaign, provided they are spending at least $2,000 a month.  

Each action plan is a thorough evaluation in which we look at the following: performance tracking and key performance indicators (KPIs), page load speed, campaign settings (e.g., campaign types, devices, ad schedule, ad rotation, geographic targeting, and delivery method), keywords and bids, ad copy, remarketing, and growth/performance improvement opportunities.

From there, we can provide a more accurate number of your client's true cost per lead and identify areas of potentially wasteful spending. This evaluation will help shed light on what your client's campaign is actually producing for their business and where they can optimize their current ad spend.

Essentially, our goal is to provide our white label partners with whatever is necessary to help them close the deal. Especially during those first critical 90 days, the Solutions 8 team is accessible and dedicated to ensuring your clients have everything they need to get their campaign up and running.  

Don't worry — you don't need to be an expert at Google Ads.

In essence, you just need to know enough to field some basic questions.

If a client asks a question and you are unsure of the answer, simply let them know you need to consult with your team and you will get back to them. Our response time is extremely fast, so give us a call and we can provide the answers you need.  

And guess what? We're here to help your business, too.

As a Solutions 8 white label partner, helping you find success with Google Ads is just as important to us as managing your clients' needs. Whether your primary focus is SEO, Facebook ads, content marketing, or something else, a strong Google Ads campaign can help you attract even more new customers who may be looking for your services—and we can help.

The Solutions 8 Google Ads team is a Premier Partner, meaning we understand the entire marketing narrative and are more than equipped to guide your overall marketing strategy.  

So go ahead, reach out to us today and let's chat!  

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