Expand Your Marketing Beyond ROAS.

Using only ROAS to measure campaign success STOPS your business from growing. 


To maximize your profitability, you must measure Media Efficiency Ratio (MER) and align it with YOUR GOALS. 

  • New Customer Growth
  • Lower Acquisition Costs
  • Improve Your ROI
  • Grow Your Business
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Are You Measuring Correctly or Are You Losing Money?

Since the iOS 14 update and new privacy regulations (loss of third-party cookies, GBRAID, WBRAID, GCLID), losing attribution has made measurement HARDER. 

Not seeing results? You’re not alone. Many businesses believe their measurement does not reflect their real situation. 


Incompetent agencies and freelancers are now resorting to targeting warm and multichannel traffic just to show a result — their ROAS.



ROAS is NOT a good indicator of success.

It doesn’t tell you all the areas where your money showed a return.  That’s why a LOT of businesses keep adding more ad spend… yet still get very little returnThey rely on outdated measurement and ineffective marketing strategies


Successful companies know that the ONLY way to achieve true growth is to have a holistic approach to marketing. And they start by having a holistic approach to measuring. 



You don’t need another traffic agency. You need a PARTNER that acts as your CMO and executes effective strategies to grow your bottom line.


1CMO-Level Partners Measure:

Cold and warm traffic

New customer value

New customer sales

New customer acquisition cost (NCAC)

Lifetime Value (LTV)

Brand awareness 

Purchase frequency

Annual AOV

Efficient remarketing

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2Traffic Agencies Measure:


Branded traffic

Existing customer sales

Warm traffic

Define Your Goals The Profitable Way

We understand the frustration that comes from setting a goal only to find out it’s not achievable. Or worse, spending thousands of dollars while getting very little return.

That’s why it’s crucial to start by using the right metrics to determine your goals. 

Use this calculator to find out your accurate and achievable goals based on your own numbers.

Is your agency bragging about your ROAS…while slowly killing your revenue? It’s time to achieve consistent growth.

Where We Lead, Other Agencies Follow

Being the best Google Ads agency, we always try to give back and bring the whole industry up. We share our latest findings, proven strategies, and internal processes with everyone who is willing to listen — so entrepreneurs, marketers, and everyone else benefits.

Enter Solutions 8

👉 The best Google Ads Agency in the world (and we can prove it with data)


👉 Creators of the industry’s most comprehensive Paid Traffic Certification


👉 Google Premier Partners

Brad Bourg
Brad Bourg
This company is top notch, best in class, and they strive to provide value above expectations!
Jeremy Conant
Jeremy Conant
The Sol 8 team and my account manager have shown considerable expertise in managing our Google campaigns.
Paul Cunningham
Paul Cunningham
Our brand has been working with Solutions 8 for several years now. If you’re looking for a company that takes a GENUINE interest in your success, you need to consider Solutions 8. Without exception, we’ve always received very prompt and personalized care and they’ve done a great job at managing our ads. Anytime we have questions, they’re very patient and take the time to answer them in a way that is thorough and professional. Would highly recommend.
Sebastian Wolff
Sebastian Wolff
I’ve been working with Sol8 for a year now and I am extremely satisfied. Their service is excellent, they are delivering outstanding results and significantly increased our paid ad traffic from Google. Their expertise, dedication, and proactive approach have made a remarkable impact on our business. Highly recommended!
Cole Taylor
Cole Taylor
The team at Solutions 8 has been excellent in getting my campaigns set up and running efficiently. Jean has been very communicative and knowledgeable. Looking forward to continued success with my Google Ads with Solutions 8!
GBP Navigator
GBP Navigator
I’ve given 5 stars even though I don’t use your service but I follow your YouTube channel and think you’re great at what you do. My only dissappoinement was the fact that I tried onboarding with yourselves and I expressed my concerns that I was unable to get through to anyone and hence have not finished the onboarding set up as I had a few more questions and wanted to discuss them with yourselves over the phone before handing over my account. I feel this is an area which requires improvement since I personally would have like to use you guys for my business as you seem very competent but it’s a shame that the phone line always goes to voice mail and I am not given a direct contact number for anyone. Irregardless I am unable to even give fewer stars on this review as I’m a fan of solutions 8, Kaasim and John and have learned a lot from your YouTube channel so it’s a shame that we won’t be working together due to the lack of contact from your end. Kind regards, Nabil
Manicci Luxury Auto Styling
Manicci Luxury Auto Styling
We have signed up with Solutions8 recently and the service and results have been great so far. Highly recommend this company!

Learn How Our Clients Are Crushing It Like Never Before

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Ryan Deiss Testimonial Solutions 8

“Y’all, this man is a marketing STUD. He’s someone we turn to for advice and trust him to coach our people at DigitalMarketer. If you have questions and you don’t bug Kasim about it, you’re flat out crazy.”

Ryan Deiss
Founder || Scalable.co, DigitalMarketer.com, Recess.io

Get Started In Three Easy Steps

We have a proven process for building, launching, and managing your Google Ads campaigns.


Schedule a time to connect with one of our award-winning Google Ads experts.


Our team of experts will create a custom Action Plan geared toward helping you achieve your goals.

Your completely custom Google Ads campaigns can be live in as little as 7 days.

What Makes Us The Best Google Ads Agency?

Solutions 8 - The Best Google Ads agency
  • Complete Access:

    Always retain full ownership and access to your accounts

  • Active Management:

    Campaigns are monitored and managed by certified experts

  • You own everything:

    You own all applicable intellectual property

  • Transparent Pricing:

    Easy to understand pricing with no hourly billing or hidden fees

  • Honest Reporting:

    Reconcilable and transparent reporting with no vanity metrics

  • No long-term contracts:

    You deserve the freedom to do what’s right for you

Award-Winning & Certified

  • Digital Marketer Certified Partner
  • Certified Google Premier Partner
  • Expertise.com’s “Best PPC Agencies” in Scottsdale 2022
  • Platinum PPC Certification
  • Winner: War Room’s “Wicked Smaht”
  • Winner: Top 50 Digital Marketing Thought Leaders in the Country
  • Book Authority’s Top 100 Digital Marketing Books of All Time
  • Thumbtack Spotlight Partner 

Solutions 8 Google Ads Partner Agency

Solutions 8 Google Ads Agency PPC Certification
USML Top 50 Digital Marketing
Solutions 8 - Best PPC Agency in Scottsdale 2022

Solutions 8 Google Ads Agency Digital Marketer Certified partner

“Working with Solutions 8 has been a dream relationship. It’s obvious the team cares deeply, they’re high qualified, and they’re damn smart. Working with a team as great as Solutions 8 makes business both fun and profitable, and it’s a relationship I cherish that goes way beyond just business.”

Calvin Correli
Founder || Simplero.com

Numbers Don't Lie...


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15 Years

In Business


Happy Customers
“I have been speaking, consulting, and building companies in the digital marketing industry since 2001. Every now and then I meet someone in the industry who is passionate, gifted, and business savvy… which is a rare combination. Solutions 8 is lead by amazing management that fits this description. I would highly recommend their team.”
Dave Conklin
Founder & CEO || Conklin Media, Author of “Lost At 30,000 Feet”,
Inc 500 Award-winning Entrepreneur

Why Our Clients Love Us

“Glad to have met the team at Solutions 8. Their creative minds have really given our business the competitive edge we needed through digital marketing. I highly recommend Solutions 8 for their creativity and personal attention, I can’t say enough about how EXCELLENT Solutions 8 is!”

Tim Lyons
Founder || ProFit Marketing Solutions
Two-time “Two Comma Club Award” Recipient

Did We Mention We Wrote the Book(s) on Digital Marketing and Google Ads?

When you’ve been doing this as long as we have, you learn a few things. 


And, because we’re all about sharing what we learn with others, we wrote a few books. 


Also, not to brag or anything—okay, maybe we’re bragging a teeny bit—but those books became bestsellers. So maybe check ’em out!

  • #1in Kindle Store > Business & Money > Marketing & Sales > Advertising
  • #1in Kindle Store > Business & Money > Marketing & Sales > Marketing
  • #4in Books > Business & Money > Marketing & Sales > Advertising

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“I’ve worked with Kasim and John on many client projects over the years. They are super smart, very responsive to questions, and fantastic to work with. Truly a first class company. I’ve recommended them to many of my clients.”
Michael Cottam
Founder || MichaelCottam.com, World Authority on SEO

Why you shouldn’t work with Solutions 8.

We’re all about winning and bringing your business to its full potential.

But first things first. We need to make sure that our goals are aligned.

Read this to find out if we’re a good fit!