Amazon Ads

Amazon is the largest eCommerce platform in the world, and the number of businesses using its online advertising platform is growing at a rapid pace. Trust us, you don’t want to get left behind.

Solutions 8 Amazon Ads services help your business:

Why advertise with Amazon Ads?

Like Google Ads, Amazon Ads is a pay-per-click advertising platform that allows businesses to increase brand awareness, engage with audiences, and drive revenue with paid ads while leveraging the massive reach and trusted shopping environment of the popular online retailer. 

Love it or hate it, Amazon boasts a whopping 37.6% of the eCommerce market share in the United States, far surpassing prominent online retailers like Walmart, Apple, and eBay. (Statista, November 2023)

Businesses who use Amazon Ads benefit from getting their ads in front of users who are already in a shopping mindset and are more likely to buy. Further, because ad placements are highly visible, they allow brands to stand out from competitors and capture key conversions.

Solutions 8 Digital Marketing Services - Amazon Ads

Why We Don’t Offer Discounts

You wouldn’t be a good business owner if you didn’t ask for a discount. But here’s the thing – our business revolves around humans, not products. 

Because we’re in the labor business, our agency is based on the prowess and proficiency of people. 

Even though we hire the best of the best, our resources are not scalable. And with the number of leads we have right now, there are only so many accounts our resources can take. 

Charging less means limiting our resources and putting a cap on your business’ growth. 

If your budget stops you from growing your business, this might be what you need.

White Label PPC Services

Are you an agency that's looking to add more value to your clients without doing all the hard work?

Our white Label services let you provide premium Google Ads white Label services to your clients, at a reduced cost.

What You Get:


20% off of our retail price. Rather than spending time and money on research, training, and manpower, we take care of all your PPC advertising efforts while you take advantage of expert Google Ads services. 


Complete Google Ads services. From launching to managing your clients’ campaigns, we do nearly everything except connecting with your client. 


Dedicated account manager to help you field questions as well as offer insights and thought leadership. If a client ever asks you a question you’re not sure of the answer to, it’s as simple as saying, “Let me check with my team!”


No client interaction. We won’t connect with your clients or join any client-facing sales or strategy calls. 


No personal or business accounts. All management is handled through our white label (non-branded) accounts; this allows us to follow our well-defined processes as well as ensure the proper layer of checks and balances.

Requirements: Minimum of 3 clients. 90-day commitment for all new clients.


You handle your clients, we handle the work. 

Amazon Ads services from Solutions 8

While the benefits of using Amazon Ads are many, finding the time to explore the platform, build and manage campaigns, and correctly apply different tools and strategies to optimize performance can be a challenge for small business owners already occupied with the daily tasks of running a business. 

Solutions 8 delivers a full scope of services to help you create and manage high-performing Amazon Ads campaigns that drive growth.

What sets us apart?


By focusing on two key metrics—media efficiency ratio (MER) and total advertising cost of sales (TACoS)—we will help you evaluate your entire Amazon selling program, including organic sales due to boosted ad rank, often missed by many advertisers.

Our team will coordinate advertising campaigns between Amazon, Facebook, and Google Ads to send quality traffic to your listing from both on and off Amazon and help
track conversions and minimize advertising overlap.


We will build an Amazon Ads account structure that takes advantage of all campaign types and makes use of ad formats (including video) that few of your competitors are using. 


Ad Products (Campaign Types):


In addition to helping you gather reviews and build high-converting Amazon pages, Solutions 8 will help you fine-tune your product titles and descriptions to optimize visibility in Amazon search results. Our Amazon Ads team can also help set up automated review requests sent to customers after each order.


Solutions 8 saves you countless hours that would otherwise be spent on bid optimization and target expansion.


Many Amazon advertising accounts have thousands of targets, each requiring regular optimization. We perform hundreds of optimization actions every week to ensure you maximize your opportunities to make a sale.

Our Amazon Ads team ensures you are primed to scale by regularly combs through search terms and matched target reports to discover new targets to add to your campaigns.

We would love to hear more about your business and your needs. 


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